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Tribbles and Nurse Chapel

I love tribbles!  Somewhere packed away in a box in the attic, along with a working Star Trek communicator, is a tiny little grey tribble that purrs when you squeeze his body. I wish I knew where, exactly, because my youngest daughter has just discovered the joys of Classic Trek and wants to be a tribble for Halloween.  A blue tribble.  Why blue?  Because she’s only 5 and she wants what she wants.  A lot of people would probably find this a weird costume choice, but I was so happy I could have cried.  I’m growing my geek, baby!

After the initial excitement, which included a quick text message to Dad because I could not wait to tell him, I began the Great Costume Hunt.  Yes, it deserves those caps because it was quite an endeavor.  No one, and I mean abso-frakkin-lutely no one makes a tribble costume.  I looked everywhere.  There are plenty of costumes for Kirk and Spock, but the beloved tribble is nowhere to be found.  My daughter gave me an out “the lady in blue with the big hair” would be good if I couldn’t make her into a tribble.  I am guessing she means Nurse Chapel.  Gotta love those beehives.  But, no, I am determined.  There will be a tribble costume.  I posted my dilemma on Facebook.

A whole bunch of my friends thought I was nuts.  “What the heck is a tribble?”, they asked.  Apparently, most of them did not grow up with a Dad who spoon fed them sci-fi from an early age.  But there were a few who “liked” it with an official thumbs up(the men) and a few who not only liked it, but had ideas for how to make the costume (the women).

I now have a grand plan involving a pattern for a blueberry, fuzzy blue fabric and a zillion yards of tulle.  If the plan works, I will have a little blue tribble in my living room on Halloween.  I may even get ambitious and rig something to play the tribble purr.  I have no idea how, but if I can make a tribble, I can do anything!


2 Responses to “Tribbles and Nurse Chapel”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yep….I need twin tribble costumes for my girls…I hope to find the perfect faux fur on sale at the fabric store tonight!!

  2. Rick says:

    And I guess thats the trouble with tribbles! 🙂

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