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Browncoats, Castle and Nathan Fillion

We ditched cable about a year ago.  It happened for two reasons.  First, we got yet another notice about how the cost was going up and we were going to get all sorts of new nothing.  Second, my husband is an engineer and an IT guy.  In his universe everything can be fixed with CAT-5 and/or duct tape.  I was skeptical.  If you know any engineers or IT guys and especially if you live with one, you understand that the “simple upgrade” is very often neither.  But, my frugal side won over my fears and I gave him the okay.  I later discovered my okay somehow involved the purchase of a new TV and an Xbox.  I felt ever so slightly conned, but it did work, so that was something.

One of the problems with ditching cable is that you don’t always know when potentially really cool shows are coming out because you don’t see the commercials or entertainment shows.  It was a bit distressing at first, but the internet is a marvelous little invention and I have overcome that obstacle.  I’ve now discovered more than a few shows that I somehow missed along the way and have happily added them to my Netflix queue and watched whole seasons in a few weeks.  Leverage and The Big Bang Theory are my latest finds.  (How I missed an awesomely geeky show like The Big Bang Theory to begin with, I have no clue!)

Twitter is one great way to find out about new shows.  Follow people you find interesting and they usually post stuff you’ll find interesting, like shows they watch.  Or maybe shows they are in.  One of the people I follow is Nathan Fillion.  Oh, how I miss Mal and his space cowboy ways.  I loved Firefly.  Russ and I dressed as Mal and Zoe for Halloween this year.  Yup, call me a geek, but dude, you wear cool coats, fly cool ships and walk around with a gun strapped to your hip.  How could anyone not love that show?!  After losing Mal to cancellation (gorram network) Nathan pops back up as Captain Hammer.  Excellent!  Not a series though.  Bummer.  But wait, what is this show Castle he just mentioned on Twitter?

It is my favorite-new-show-of-the-moment-and-possibly-the-decade, that’s what.  Nathan plays the title character, Richard Castle, a bestselling novelist who annoys the daylights out of Detective Kate Beckett as he follows her around to get material for his books.  She works in homicide, but this is not CSI.  This is fun, people!  Nathan, er, Castle, is witty, narcissistic, charming, cocky, handsome and ridiculously fun to watch.  You spend half the show wanting to slap him and the other half wanting to hug him.  And in the Halloween episode….wait for it…yea for Cap’n Tightpants!  He dons his trademark brown coat complete with suspenders, boots and gun.  Mal may be gone, but Nathan still brings it as Richard Castle.  Now if he could just work the coat, suspenders and gun into more episodes, it’d be a perfect shiny world.


5 Responses to “Browncoats, Castle and Nathan Fillion”

  1. Big Jim says:

    This Topic is Shiny!

    I completely agree great show, I was beside myself when I saw him don the outfit, then the conversation with Castles daughter was priceless!

    "Didn't you wear that outfit like 5 years ago, don't you think it's time to move on."

    I had to rewind it just so I could laugh at it a second time.

    Thanks again for the totally Ace topic!


  2. (Okay so that delete button is darn easy to hit!)

    I did the same thing, Big Jim. I actually squeeled out loud like a school-girl and hit the rewind button!

  3. Hi Nicole, Rick from Joondalup here, if you like Big Bang Theory you'll also like "The IT Crowd" which is a British show. 🙂

  4. Rick says:

    Oh and here's a wiki link for The IT Crowd by the way..

  5. Total Fan Girl says:

    Rick, excellent suggestion, but I've already watched all three seasons. I've wondered if they are making a fourth because I miss my geeks. "Have you tried turning it on and off again?" has to be the best and most effective line EVER.

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