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A Gamer, A Wife and A Broken Bowl

Last weekend we headed over to a friend’s house for dinner and Lego Rock Band.  While helping her make some truly excellent pizza, I noticed a Christmas bowl still sitting on her kitchen counter.  It was bright red with a cute little tree in the middle.  I figured it had probably been left behind by a random  guest and that leaving it on the counter increased the odds that it would be returned before next Christmas.  Then I noticed it had a pretty big chip on the edge and that all the little chipped pieces were sitting neatly inside the bowl.

I asked her what had happened to this little red bowl and she pulled it out to show me that she had almost all the bits needed to put it back together, but not quite.  It actually belonged to her Mom who put it on display every year, and it hadn’t been left behind, but had been brought over in the hope that my friend’s husband could do a little repair work.  Because of the tiny missing pieces, even when you put the jigsaw of bits where they belonged, there were still bright patches of white ceramic showing through the red glaze.  At about this time her husband wandered into the kitchen and she showed him the bowl.  This is roughly how their conversation went…

“What?  You want me to fix it?” he asked.

“Yes, but there are pieces missing so can you use that stuff?” she replied.

There was a brief pause while he considered her request and then he said, “You want me to use Green Stuff to fill in the missing pieces?”

“Yeah, and then you can paint it so it won’t show!”  she said.

He smiled, nodded, and turned back to the living room where Lego Rock Band beckoned.  I don’t know which was more impressive.  The fact that she thought to call on her husband’s mad modeling skills to fix a bowl, or that she had actually paid enough attention over the years to know that there was such a thing as Green Stuff in the first place.  Either way, I think we should all remember this lesson.  The next time your significant other spends a whole Saturday afternoon cutting, filing and attaching one arm to one little toy soldier, know that someday he may be all that stands between you and a set of mismatched dishes.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Heartwarming. =)
    Move over duct tape, green stuff is the real do-it-all!

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