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A Ghost, A Werewolf and A Vampire on Being Human

I heard about Being Human through listeners of  The D6 Generation Podcast just after Series 1 finished airing in the UK.  The premise sounded great – a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost struggling to lead nice, normal lives, just like us humans.  Unfortunately the show wasn’t available in the US at the time and all I could do was get a few sneak peeks through the website and hope for a US release.  Then, in July, the show made it’s way to BBC America and later it even became available on XBox Marketplace.

I watched the first episode and immediately fell in love with the characters. George, the timid werewolf who wants nothing to do with the beast that appears at every full moon. Mitchell, the vampire who craves human blood but resists the urge to drink.  And Annie, the sweet ghost that only Mitchell and George can actually see.  You’re thinking it’s been done so many times, why watch it again?  Because “Being Human” does it with amazingly sympathetic characters that you end up caring about, believing in, and cheering for in every episode.

The show did very well in the UK and Series 2 starts up on January 10th which means sometime later this year it’ll probably be available here in the US, too.  And I discovered something interesting while taking a peek at the website.  There is going to be a US version.  Looks like it’s going to be on SyFy and it looks like it’s going to be 13 episodes.  You’d think I would be thrilled with this news, but not so much.  There are shows that have been remade successfully for American audiences (The Office) and then there are shows that have been miserable failures (Coupling).  This leaves me a bit worried.  My suggestion, check out the UK version of Being Human on XBox Marketplace or iTunes before it gets lost in translation.


9 Responses to “A Ghost, A Werewolf and A Vampire on Being Human”

  1. Osbad says:

    Totally adored Being Human. As a Brit I'm stoked that for once its you Americans who are having to wait for your geek fix for once! I'm more up for the 2nd series of BH than I was for even seeing the Doctor's regeneration on New Year's Day!

    Geek to the max!


  2. Total Fan Girl says:

    Oh, darn you I haven't even seen The Doctor yet!!!!

  3. Jordan says:

    I loved the BH series and look forward to the 2nd series.

    When I saw that SyFy was doing an adaptation I just shook my head.

    No good can come of this. Glam ghost, ww and vamp in New York or L.A. or the like.

  4. Total Fan Girl says:

    Yup, no good at all. If it actually airs I am sure I will watch it, and if I actually like it I'll say so, but I have big, big doubts!

  5. Osbad says:

    A nice piece of vid on the BBC site today about BH werewolf SFX:


  6. Total Fan Girl says:

    This is making me jealous tht series 2 is not out here until who knows when!

  7. McAber says:

    Check out this site:

    Apperantly tied into the BH series. I guess we'll know more when we are able to watch the second series.

    I suspect CenSSA will appear in the series.


  8. Total Fan Girl says:

    Well now, that's pretty interesting…

  9. Anonymous says:

    The best part about season 1 was Mitchell's description of what happens to a person when he changes into a werewolf.

    "He should be dead within 30 seconds ect…"


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