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Going All Marvin Martian over Vanity Fair Bashing Twitter Women

Vanity Fair has made me very angry.  Very angry indeed.  It’s all over the article  America’s Tweethearts which they recently published.  It profiles women who have, according to the author, created fake fame she calls “twilebrity”.  Let this serve as notice that putting a tw in front of a word, or in the course of this article, a whole bunch of words, does not make one sound like an expert.  And since when does what a person is famous for actually determine if their fame is real?

The women, like @feliciaday, are all well followed on twitter, but they are also know for more than their tweets.  I follow Felicia Day because I am a big fan of The Guild, not because she happens to have a twitter account and tweets alot.  Hey, whaddya know, she has an actual honest to goodness career as an actress and she enhances her career through social media.  Shouldn’t that be celebrated rather than denigrated?

The article then goes on to further discredit these women by calling them “the Internet’s equivalent of a telephone chat line staffed by a bunch of cheerleaders”.  Wow.  Where is this hatred coming from?  Seriously, what has the internet, and in particular smart, savvy women done to this author…wait a second!  Vanity Fair is a print magazine, firmly entrenched in archaic, traditional forms of communication that do not involve the internet and things like twitter or facebook.  So if we all embrace the internet and get information from twitter and the folks that effectively communicate there, then what happens to print media?  Ah…it goes poof…and I didn’t even need to use my Illudim Pew-36 Space Modulator.


2 Responses to “Going All Marvin Martian over Vanity Fair Bashing Twitter Women”

  1. Maurice says:

    actualy the most followed peopel now aren't geeks but this aston kutcher chappy (must be some contestant on Americas Got the Pop Factor… and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice

  2. Total Fan Girl says:

    Truly, there are people with huge followings that are actors and entertainers. Yet this article decided to take a few well-followed women and use it as an excuse to discredit the medium and pretty much anyone who really uses it!

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