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Asari, Na’vi, Mystique, Why So Blue?

I’m watching Russ play Mass Effect 2 as he doesn’t want to “fall behind” in his gameplay.  How do you fall behind on a game that doesn’t have a deadline?  He’s not Cinderella and this isn’t a ball so I’m pretty sure the disk isn’t going to turn into a pumpkin at midnight.  Heh, that would be funny.  “Pumpkin Morphing Imminent! Save Game!”  But since as far as I know this game is not pumpkin-equipped, Russ will play it until his vision blurs.  Currently, I am watching Shepard have a nice chat with an Asari and I find myself wondering, what is it with being blue?

Think about it for a second.  First, you’ve got the Asari, sexy blue aliens that all look like women and have psychic sex.  Then there are Avatar’s Na’vi who are giant, scantily clad, blue aliens that mind meld with horses and trees and each other through funky tendrils in their hair.  And of course there are characters like Mystique (X-Men) and Zhaan (Farscape) and a list that just goes on from there.  I get the sexy aliens/mutants but I cannot figure out why blue is always the color of choice.

Why not green?  Captain Kirk was all about green-skinned Orions so they can’t be all bad.  And what’s wrong with red?  The closest thing to sexy red aliens that I can think of are the Cylons whose spines glow red during the heat of the moment and that only kinda counts since most of the time they look just like humans.  What about yellow?  Or orange? There is no love for the other colors of the rainbow.  I don’t think I’m going to figure out the answer to this one, although I imagine that somewhere there’s a guy with charts and graphs and reams of paper that prove why blue is the best color for sexy aliens.  Until I find that guy, I’ll just have to file this away with the other great mystery of the universe….men in kilts at conventions.


8 Responses to “Asari, Na’vi, Mystique, Why So Blue?”

  1. DOMTMobile says:

    Red=sunburned, Yellow=Jaundice, Orange=Oompa Loompa, Green=Nausea, Purple=Bruised… that leaves blue as the most "sexy" color.

  2. What about Red=Darth Maul (you tell him he looks sunburned) Green=Orions (you tell Kirk she looks nauseating) and I've got nothing on the other colors..,

  3. templar46_2 says:

    Tigra in the Avengers is Orange, the She Hulk is green… There's that Twi'lek Sith Lord in Star Wars comics (whom google tells me is "Darth Talon"). Fortunately the world of comic book has many… MANY examples of multi-hued hotties. don't even get me started on the new multi-colored Green Lantern characters in DC comics (pretty sure the entire Violet range are women who use seductiveness for their powers in place of Green Lanter's willpower).

    Mostly I think blue commonly gets used because it's a fairly cool and neutral color. It's soothing and unoffensive, blends well with other colors without standing out too starkly and of course, in classic fantasy worlds "blue" are almost always the good guys (Mystique being an exception).

    also; i thought the kilt mystery had been resolved by now? lol

  4. Ah, I am not a big comic reader so that's probably why I haven't seen those characters. And although there have been attempts to explain the kilt mystery, no one has quite succeeded with a credible, all-encompassing explanation πŸ™‚

  5. John Richard says:

    Interesting….your post reminded me of this picture that I took at Gen Con '09:

    Of course, I also took THIS picture at Gen Con:

    See that guy in BLUE on the left, Nicole? Pretty hot, eh? πŸ˜‰

  6. Ha! You made me laugh! You do know that girls only go to cons because of all the hot guys in pale blue polo shirts, right? That's why I go πŸ™‚

  7. Erik says:

    On skin colour and ME2: my first character is always a black woman, minority gaming HOOOO!

    Great blog you have here, will be following expectantly!

  8. shimrod says:

    Old school reference:
    Edgar Rice Burroughs' mars books had several different colors of Martians, but the main was red, and the main love interest, Dejah Thoris, is a red martian.

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