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Mass Effect 2 My Favorite Game And I Don’t Even Play

I like to play all sorts of games but I definitely do not qualify as a Gamer.  I’ve played tabletop wargames like 40K but can’t get into them enough to commit.  Also, I don’t paint very well so their eyes get very eeek-a-mouse huge and that just looks silly on a battlefield.  My Xbox gamer score is an absolutely pitiful 750 but, personally, I think I don’t get enough credit for my awesome RockBand skillz.  Seriously, it’s the one game I can play and despite hours on the drums my gamer score is awful.  I should complain to someone.  Major Nelson, maybe?  Nah, I made fun of his name once so he’d probably just laugh at me.

I want to be able to play video games because they look so darn sweet, but the same thing happens every time I try.  I struggle with the controller, get mad, jam down the buttons and end up waving it at the screen and sort of shaking it as though somehow that’s going to make me look at the bad guy and shoot in the right direction.  It doesn’t.  I end up continuing to look the wrong way, get lodged behind a pillar or a giant potted plant that I cannot see around and the bad guys blow me to bits.  All this happens while my poor husband tries to calmly give me direction until I want to smack him.  At which point I throw the controller at him and scream say “I am done!” and stomp away.

So, my husband spends hours playing games that I only occassionally check out.  I’ve caught some great cut scenes, but nothing that’s every pulled me into a game.  But now he’s playing Mass Effect 2 and I suddenly can’t wait to see what happens next.  I have not touched the controller and I am completely vested in what Shepard is going to do.  Will he stop the Collectors?  Is the Illusive Man a good guy or a bad guy?  What is up with Subject Zero?  BioWare has managed to create an RPG that is interesting even when you don’t hold the controller.  I do help him hack some computers (no controller required for me) and try to keep him from going totally Renegade, but otherwise I’m just an observer.  Ohhh, he’s about to take on a Geth Collusus!  This is gonna be good.


7 Responses to “Mass Effect 2 My Favorite Game And I Don’t Even Play”

  1. Moogs says:

    It is such an epic story, cannot wait till the 3rd edition, heck, the DLC will be worth it!

  2. Jordan says:

    My wife was the same way with Uncharted 2. She doesn't play games but was quite taken with the story development in the cut scenes.

  3. Maurice says:

    yes going to a xbox controller from a pc based sytem can be hard. For games like Halo I preferd to use a controller plus mouse and keyboard.

    I do like the story in ME and in the first version some of the cut sceens had real intensity.

    Ps had my first game of uncharted seas monday

  4. I already wanted to check this one out. Now I'm even more excited to play! Good gameplay is always awesome, but the story and cut scenes really make it all that more enjoyable.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Seroisly Nicole just play it on the PC, simples. I can't work the xbox controllers either. you'll be addicted before you know it.

  6. Total Fan Girl says:

    That would work, if I wanted to buy the game twice and if I could handle playing on the relatively teeny, tiny screen for our PC vs. the giant one in the living room. It wouldn't be the same…

  7. Anonymous says:

    lol, screen size is the other way round for me.

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