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5 Signs You Might Be a Geek Family

We are a family of Geeks.  I give all the credit to my husband who has been a gamer since, well, forever.  Many games of DnD were played by him and his buddies long before we met and many more have been played since.  I didn’t play any good “geek” games until we started dating at which point I happily joined him in his quests to slay beasties.  This led to lots of new boardgames, and eventually PC games and console games.  My husband’s love of gaming fit in perfectly with our mutual love of things from the Geekverse.

Good Geeks know their Geekverse.  We can rattle off Star Wars quotes faster than Han can make the Kessel Run.  We know exactly how to make the Vulcan salute.  We mark Free Comic Book Day on our calendars and mourn the loss of great sci-fi shows like Firefly and Farscape on our sites.  The Geekverse is huge and varied and we all know it as well as we know the lyrics to Weird Al’s parodies.  Who doesn’t love a little polka in their life?  But the big question is….  are we passing this knowledge on to our kids?

Parents like to share their life experiences about important stuff like not sticking your fingers into electrical outlets and always wearing clean underwear. But what about the really important stuff like knowing the difference between a Jedi and a Sith, or the perils of buying first generation technology?  So, with that in mind, I give you a handy dandy reference list of signs that you are successfully raising a Geek Family.

Top 5 Signs You’re a Geek Family

*Your kids could do the Vulcan salute before they could manage to wave in the right direction.
*They know that Han shot first and will lay the smack down on anyone who dares disagree.
*Upon completing their homework they’ve yelled “Achievement Unlocked! Ding!”
*You’ve heard them use the phrase “For the Win!” in a conversation.
*Your kids can beat you at a console game, and you weren’t even trying to let them win.

If you were able to answer yes to the above questions, good job!  If not, you’ve got some teaching to do.


4 Responses to “5 Signs You Might Be a Geek Family”

  1. LOL. This is was awesome! I sent it to my dad who's the reason I'm a Geek. I can only hope I can keep the tradition going when I start my family in the future.

  2. Fantastic! My Dad was a big part of me being a Geek, too. My love of Science Fiction is entirely his fault 🙂

  3. GeekInsight says:

    The Vulcan sign (along with the nerve pinch and mind meld) were regular occurrences in my household growing up.

    I ended up far more geeky than my folks, and I can only hope my (yet unborn) children grow up to be even geekier.

  4. If you share what you love, you can't help but raise geeky kids!

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