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Long Live the Geek Debate!

Yesterday on Facebook a friend of mine started a rather contentious debate.  She asked what would happen if she took all her conservative friends and all her liberal friends and put them in a room.  The first few people that responded to her comment took a decidedly political slant.  I hate conservatives, liberals are stupid.  I hate liberals, conservatives are stupid.  You get the picture, right?  And then someone mentioned vampires, which led to zombies, brains and Janeway’s Bun of Steel.  We had ourselves a Geek Debate!

I may have ever so slightly helped completely derail the intent of the thread by throwing out my personal Best Star Trek Captain list (Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway.  Archer didn’t even make my list).  See, right there, you all looked at those five names and  immediately began crafting your response as to why I am totally, completely, blindly wrong.  Admit it, you know you did!  At the heart of the Geek Debate is the ability to take what would seem to be the most unimportant, mildly interesting discussion and turn it into an all out war with Geeks taking sides and allying themselves with complete strangers in an effort to prove they are right.
There are a long list of things that are ripe for Geek Debate.  There is, of course, Who’s the Best Star Trek Captain.  Our discussion on Facebook started just last night and at 42 posts and counting we are still arguing that one.  Another classic is which is the best Star Wars movie?  (The Empire Strikes Back, duh)  This can further be broken down into Originals or Prequels, Theatrical Release or Re-Release and so many more possibilities that it’s a thesis length argument in the making! 
The best part of the whole thing, despite what it may seem, is not proving you’re right.  Although I do admit that is a heck of a lot of a fun.  The best part is when you suddenly find yourself a comrade in arms with people you didn’t know.  You choose your side, state your case, and then steadfastly stick to it with anyone who will listen and agree.  In the end, not only will you win your argument (because no matter what, in your head, you’re right and you win), but you may also win yourself a few new Geek Friends.  Long Live the Geek Debate!

15 Responses to “Long Live the Geek Debate!”

  1. GeekInsight says:

    Your captain list is correct, as is your Star Wars Movie pick. I relish debate (especially geek debate), but our total agreement makes things difficult.

  2. Picard is also Gurney Halleck so he is the one (not to mention he is also Xavier while Kirk is Hooker and Sam Beckett has been sadly transmuted in the worst Star Trek series ever … Ho boy!

  3. Anonymous says:


    (you need to add a Facebook account profile…)

  4. NicoleWakelin says:

    So there is some love for Picard, which is great, even though you're wrong 🙂 GeekInsight is my new best friend because he gets me and yes, I should set up a Facebook profile for TFG….adding it to the to-do list right now!

  5. Michael C says:

    On the list o' captains, you are officially spot on! Picard loses out to Kirk because there's more times than once that he tends to have Federation regs shoved up his you-know-what. Kirk you can trust to get the job done, even if it means that sometimes he has to play dirty!

  6. a1-kitkat says:

    I don't watch Star Trek but my take on Best Star Wars movie is Return of the Jedi

    Am actually not a fan of Empire… I know, I'm a weird one 🙂

  7. I do have to admit that the lightsaber duel in Return of the Jedi was just about my favorite scene ever until the massive ones in the Prequels!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Saber duel in ROTJ is still the best duel. Its not the spectacle, but the feeling behind it. Oh and Sisko's manner is way too grandiose. Picard, Janeway then Kirk for mine.

  9. You know, I think you're right. As impressive as it is to see hundreds of lightsabers on screen at once, the emotion in the duel between Luke and Vader is just incredible!

  10. The Wick says:

    Got to go with Sisko over Picard. He played baseball, was a war hero, and became a prophet to some weird group of space alien god type things. That's way better than sipping tea and crashing your ship twice.

  11. You know exactly how we all think. You were right, the first thing I did was consider where the captains rank in my order. It was a complete Doctor Who moment.

    I especially love the part where we all get to be right in the end, simply because we are in our own minds and that's all that matters.

    Geek Debate is so wonderfully entertaining for the simple fact that geeks put thought into their arguments. Make no mistake, they are full of passion too; however, a geek can launch into a full-fledged history of the character, concept and story development, as well as historical points of reference on which it all draws from. So, agree to disagree but get schooled in the meantime. 🙂

  12. Picard will always be my favorite until Captain Worf comes along. Come on dude, klingons just kisk ass.

  13. Captain Worf would kick everyone's butt until presented with a Tribble. Then it reverts back to Kirk being first…I mean, come on, he at least managed to avoid being assimilated like Picard!

  14. Honestly? I cannot pick between Kirk and Picard! They're too different to make a fair assessment! However, Sisko isn't bad, Janeway sucks, Pike could've been decent, but is mostly a non-entity, and Archer… I prefer to pretend that "Enterprise" never existed. It's just easier that way. I guess my ranking goes (all the captains I could look up without going through episode guides):
    1 – Kirk/Picard -tie-
    3 – Sulu (gained the title by ST:VI)
    4 – Spock (temporary command, ST:VI)
    5 – Sisko
    6 – Pike (Star Trek [2009])
    7 – Spock (Star Trek [2009])
    8 – Pike (series pilot)
    9 – Beverly Crusher ("All Good Things" possible future)
    10 – Clark Terell (The Reliant – Wrath of Khan)
    11 – John Harriman (the innefectual captain at the beginning of Generations)
    12 – William Deckard (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
    13 – Janeway

  15. Wow! I am seriously impressed at that detailed Geektastic list!!! I think I'm good with it, but I can't abide Janeway on the bottom of the list. You put her lower than Harriman? And I just plain don't like Beverly Crusher so in my mind, Crusher and Janeway should swap places.

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