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The Magic of Movie References

A conversation with a few of my favorite folks on Twitter got me thinking about movies.  We started off talking about bacon so right there you know the conversation was destined for greatness.  Soon we moved on to ice cream, then Jiffy Pop and eventually Val Kilmer in the 80’s when he was still cute and not at all scary.  If you’ve already figured out the movie reference, then give yourself 10 Geek Points.  If not, you should keep reading so you’re better prepared next time.

There’s nothing quite like referencing a beloved movie and having the person you’re talking to get the reference.  It’s almost magical.  Maybe you say “I can’t shake him!” when someone is tailgating you or “Use the Force.” when someone can’t reach the salt shaker.  A well-timed Star Wars quote is bound to get a laugh from almost everyone. That’s all well and good, but it’s even better when the movie is a bit more obscure.  Take my recent conversation.  A reference to Jiffy Pop made me think of the best Jiffy Pop related movie moment in the history of movies which happens in Real Genius.

This came out  in 1985 when the hair was big and the shoulder pads were even bigger.  In the end of the movie, a laser beam shot from earth is reflected from a giant mirror in space but instead of hitting it’s intended target, it smashes through a stained glass window in the snarky professor’s house.  It then begins to heat up a ginourmous dome of aluminum foil that is filled with popcorn kernels and in no time you have Popcornapalooza!  It shoots out the windows and there is much dancing and great joy.  Death-dealing lasers re-purposed as giant, space-faring Jiffy Pop cookers?  Yes, please!

I remember this movie because I had a huge crush on Val Kilmer.  Don’t judge me.  He was a hottie back in 1985.  Every package of Jiffy Pop I have made since then has reminded me of that scene.  I was certain no one would know what I was talking about when I made the reference, but I was wrong.  Not only did they get it, but an avalanche of Real Genius quotes followed.  It was fantastic!  I now know that I’m not the only one that thinks of laser beams every time I make Jiffy Pop, nor was I the only one with a crush on Val Kilmer in high school.  Now, if I could just find a way to make my next batch of Jiffy Pop with a laser…


4 Responses to “The Magic of Movie References”

  1. I love the obscure movie reference game, and me and my husband play it well, often confusing those around us. Although, he got me last night on a spam quote from Dawn of the Dead (yeah, I lost points on that one). It definitely makes a difference to be in a place where I can make those references and people get them (twitter) instead of looking at me like I have two heads (work).

    As for Val Kilmer, I'm a smidge young for Real Genius, although I have seen it, but I have been known to watch certain scenes in Top Gun just to marvel at his body, and the others, of course.

    Girls Are Geeks

  2. You missed a Dawn of the Dead quote? You're going to have to make sure you don't miss any Geeky quotes for at least a month in order to make up the points you lost 🙂

    Val Kilmer was so very cool in Top Gun! I read that he punched Tom Cruise and knocked him out on set over some argument. Apparently he saw what the rest of us didn't notice until the Great Couch Jumping incident!

  3. The more obscure you can get while still having someone 'get it' the more points you should get. Speaking of 'getting it', "You are not brought upon this world to 'get it!'" is one of my faves to throw out. Along with "Indeeeeeeed!"

  4. Big Trouble in Little China! And no, I didn't have to resort to Google so my Geek Cred is safe. And you're right that more obscure movies should earn more points…someone should make a reference chart..hmmm

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