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Longing for San Diego Comic-Con

The buzz has been building for weeks and now, finally, at long last, after months of costume prep and wrangling of plane tickets, badges and hotel rooms it’s time for San Diego Comic-Con.  Woot!  Only problem is that I’m not actually going to SDCC.  Yeah, see there’s this whole “real life” thing and it comes with adult responsibilities and obligations so I will be staying at home in lovely New Hampshire during what is sure to be an amazing convention.  (Insert long-suffering sigh here.)

I have only recently started going to Cons, and didn’t really, truly fall in love with them until PAX East this winter in Boston.  There was so much fantastic Geeky Goodness in one spot that it was a little breathtaking.  It may also have had something to do with the fact that it was freezing cold and snowing and the air outside sucked the breath from your lungs.  Either way it was the best Con I’ve ever been to and now I am addicted.  Only problem is that there are too darn many.

There are plenty of local cons that are easy for me to attend like Temple Con in Rhode Island or CarnageCon just over the border in Vermont.  Most of the big ones, however, are a plane flight away and that means picking and choosing what fits my schedule.  What fits this summer is GenCon in Indianapolis which is just two weeks away.  As excited as I am for GenCon, I am still horribly jealous of everyone heading out to San Diego right now.  I suppose I will just have to live vicariously through their tweets and blog postings, but in two weeks, it’s my turn people!


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  1. Andres says:

    My first an only true con was Gencon 2008… there are no real cons in my country… so I need to book an international flight to attend one… it was totally worth it and I want to go next year with my GF, to share all the goodness. I'll probably need security to retrieve her from the dice stands but it will be an awesome experience for our geek spirit. It's a peregrination, every gamer should at least attend once in their lifetimes.

  2. "Now there are too darn many?" How I WISH we had that problem down here at World's End. 😛

    Would definitely love to catch up with you all when JJ & I eventually make it over to Gen Con Indy!

  3. Wow! I wrongly figured that most places had the huge number of Cons that we do in the US. I suppose that, although I'm still sad about SDCC, I feel a bit better for knowing I'm lucky enough to have so many choices.

    And if either of you make it over to the US for GenCon we will definitely meet up!

  4. Girls Are says:

    I hear you on everything! Gotta be out here in New England while the fun occurs in San Diego, sigh. Also, PAX East was our blog inspiration, so it has a special place for me. However, we have made super awesome plans to attend PAX prime in Sept. and I can't wait! I may need to look into some of those local ones you mentioned though, carpool-roadtrip?

  5. Laxmi13 says:

    Sigh…. It's bad enough to hear fun things being had somewhere else.. but I've been reading post after post by Brandon Sanderson (the best author EVER) at the san diego comic con and i'm soooo jealous of all the event goers!!!

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