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Playing Games for the Kids

I play lots of games.  Boardgames.  Console Games.  Games on my iPhone and even some of those Facebook games that hardcore gamers love to hate.  Hey, I’m only human and I do try to maintain some balance.  One should not play games to the exclusion of “the real world”.  If all you do all day, every day, is play games then you’re going to lose sight of the important stuff like eating right (one cannot exist on caffeinated soda alone), sleeping (seriously, sleepy people are cranky people and more likely to get fragged) and taking care of your family, especially your kids.
I’ve got two kids and as I type this they’re upstairs playing with the gigantic GeoTrax train layout they have strewn across our entire living room floor.  It is a minefield of train tracks, little plastic trees, and bridges designed to snag your foot and break your ankle.  It is one of the joys of parenthood, though, to listen and watch as your kids construct masterpieces that overrun your living room despite the occasional broken ankle or impaled foot due to forgotten Legos.  I love my kids, and I love to see them happily playing.  I’m very lucky and so are they, because not every child is as fortunate.
There are children who fight for their lives every day.  They struggle with the smallest tasks and take joy in the smallest achievements because their biggest challenge is not to construct a giant train layout across their living room, but to survive.  My youngest has terrible asthma and the most frightening days of my life have been spent in hospitals, watching her struggle for every breath.  It is a horrible ordeal for parents and children.  Our last hospital stay was at Children’s Hospital Boston.  The people there saved my daughter’s life and although I can never repay that debt I can try to help them just a little.
On October 16th, 2010 I’ll attempt to play games for 24-hours straight, and I’m asking you to come by my Extra Life Donation Page in hopes that you’ll support me by giving just $1.00 per hour ($24 total).  Your donation is tax-deductible and 100% of your gift goes to help heal sick kids at Children’s Hospital Boston. The work these hospitals due is worth supporting in any way possible.  All the proof you need is upstairs in my living room.

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  1. This is awesome! I wonder if I could talk my husband into getting involved in this somehow. We both love games and are near Boston, so we could join up with you!

    Girls Are Geeks

  2. That would be fantastic! We'll be at Myriad Games in Manchester, NH for a chunk of the day and we'll be giving away a bunch of loot from The D6 Generation podcast. Would love to see you, or, you guys can become a "Contestant" on Extra Life and feel free to join up with th team…the more the merrier!

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