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Sexy Gamer Girls FTW!

I posted a video of the Geek and Gamer Girls Song a few days ago because I loved it the minute it blasted through the poor quality speakers on my laptop.  I only watched a little before I had to hit pause and demand that my husband stop what he was doing and watch it with me.  I think he was playing some game on his iPad and I may have made him lose but, hey, he’s a Gamer, he’ll get back to it eventually.  This video though, had to be watched immediately for the sheer awesomeness of the whole concept.  I played it a couple of times to hear all the words and catch all of Seth Green’s rap.  It was then stuck in my head for the next few days.  I can’t sing one verse of the song this spoof was based on (Katy Perry’s California Gurls) but I can belt out the spoof with ease. 

In the days since Team Unicorn released this video, in addition to all the cries of “Awesome!” there have been a surprisingly large number of people crying foul.  The big reason?  The women in the video are sexy.  This is wrong.  This is horrible.  Somebody DO something!  It’s just awful that this spoof was made with such attractive women, they said, because not all women are that attractive and certainly not the women they were supposed to represent.  Everyone knows Real Gamer Girls and Real Geek Girls are all ugly trolls hiding in their basements, wishing they could find a boyfriend.  Okay, no one said that exactly, but if sexy women are such a huge misrepresentation, then reality must be the opposite, right? Wrong.

In “the real world” there is no one type of woman that plays games.  Some are sexy (have you checked out the cosplay at most cons?) but not all.  So, people asked, why wasn’t there a nice representation of that variety in the video?  Well, for one thing, the women who were behind the video and star in it happen to be Gamers and Geeks in real life.  That’s right, folks.  These sexy chicks could kick your butt in any number of games and rattle off Geeky quotes faster than the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.  They are real.  Enough of that line of questioning then, okay?  More importantly though, why did everyone get so angry?  I’m a woman and I wasn’t instantly offended.  The women are attractive.  So what?  Should they instead have found the most unattractive women possible and had them in the video, too or would that have been just as roundly criticised for calling all Gamers and Geeks ugly?  Probably.

This is a well-produced, fun, spot-on spoof. It makes so many wonderful references to Geek Culture that you really do have to listen more than once or look up the lyrics to fully appreciate them all.  It has sexy women.  It has Seth Green, Katee Sackhoff and Stan Lee! There are stormtoopers and comic books and the best spoof of the YMCA moves ever.  Why doesn’t everyone just take a step back and enjoy the video for what it is instead of what they think it should have been?  Sexy Gamer Girls FTW!


13 Responses to “Sexy Gamer Girls FTW!”

  1. jessicasix says:

    Couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks for this.

  2. NerdRage42 says:

    Yessss!!!!! Nicely put!

  3. People forget that this is a spoof of a music video that sings about California "gurls" except all the "California gurls" that Katy Perry was dancing with was way attractive also. She didn't really represent a variety of girls either.

    Therefore, this spoof is spot on!!

  4. Kayley says:

    This is exactly what I've been saying! I'm just glad that there is *some* representation of Geek/Gamer girls, I don't care that they are gorgeous. The song is done in fun.

  5. Anonymous says:

    My big problem with it was that I get enough unwanted sexual attention without an "anthem" basically saying geek girls are hoebags. Although to clarify, the song was great, it was the video that sent the wrong message.

  6. NerdMom says:

    I loved the video!!! No, we don't all look hot like those girls but we all need to stop hating!

    I wish the American Beauty shots weren't there but that is so I could let my kids watch it. But that make sense due to the video they are parodying. I just wish there was more kid appropriate geek girl stuff;).

    I am really happy that I am starting to not only see more geek girls but also ones that are married with kids too. I don't really game but that is just because I don't have time due to kiddos but I am a totally geek;).

  7. @Anonymous I truly don't think the video makes them look like hoebags. Sure, they've got the American Beauty scenes with them just barely covering their naughty bits and they vamp it up in the cosplay, but it doesn't come off slutty to me. It's too tongue-in-cheek.

    @NerdMom Hello, felow Geek Mom! It is tough to find kid friendly Geek stuff, some of it is borderline but my kids are just young enough to not get what I don't want them to get yet. But, some of it just isn't right for them. Eventually, though, we'll all be Geeking out together 🙂

  8. synbios says:

    Are people seriously angry with them being beautiful? What's wrong with them?

    Is like Jessica Rabbit said, it's not their fault, they were just draw that way 😀

  9. Jordan S says:

    People were mad at this? That's just silly.

    It's a great video chock full of awesome pop and geek culture references. So what if it features women in cosplay?

    Anything that features Seth Green rapping and a voice over of Admiral Ackbar is instant win!

    Seriously debating making it my general ring tone.

  10. Michael C says:

    I honestly think that this is one of those few times when the crew of hot girls have the deck stacked against them: They may have the geek cred, but they'll have to level buildings before they can convince their target market (i.e. geek guys like me) that they're something other than a quartet of models who can warble about how comics are awesome while the shoot is going on, but afterward have to go home and shower to get all the nerd off of them.

    Is it fair of us to think this way? No. But we geek guys have had our intelligence insulted enough times by marketing people who think that we'll roll over and beg if they put some bimbo in a chainmail bikini that we're more than a little skeptical.

  11. @Michael C. I can absolutely understand that as a first reaction. But, given that in this case the women really do have Geek Cred, they wrote the lyrics, it's a lot of their favorite stuff they reference, one is even married to Seth Green, are you able to get past your first reaction?

  12. Laxmi13 says:

    Just got to reading this… I admit it. I'm one of those women who look at beautiful women and turn evil. I see beautiful and I think cheerleader; I think cheerleader and I believe stupid. It hasn't even been the case since high school and most likely, not even then!

    I have spent so much of my life as a geek-wanna-be because geek meant interests mattered more than looks. So I think, when I see beauty combined with geek, I brace myself for the worst. I can compete with Lara Croft because she's not real, how do I compete with these Sexy Gamer Girls?

    Horrible, I know! I make sure my son doesn't ever find out that his mom is that kind of crazy.

  13. That's not horrible, it's honest! It's hard to break ideas that have been in your mind for years. Just remember, when he brings home a gorgeous girlfriend, give her at least a minute to prove she has a brain before you boot her to the curb 🙂

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