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Casual Games FTW!

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I recently upgraded my phone from an outdated-whatever-it-was to an iPhone.  The reason I did this was not because I was feeling the pull of the shiny white beacon that is Apple, but because I wanted to be able to read emails, play around on Facebook, and check out Twitter.  In truth, my old phone was only about a year old, but it was just so clunky handling those applications that I decided to upgrade.  I knew that there was also a cornucopia of other apps for the iPhone, including lots of games, but I had no intention of playing any of them because they were silly.  I’d played some casual games on Facebook, found them lacking, and immediately dismissed them all, including those available for the iPhone.

Fast forward six months and I have a slightly different opinion.  Okay, drastically different.  If I’m going to be completely honest, and apparently I am, I play games on my iPhone to the point of distraction.  Kids need dinner?  Just let me land a few more planes in Flight Control.  Phone ringing?  It can wait until I pass the next level of Angry Birds.  These games are down right addictive!  I’ve even got Game Center all loaded up on my phone so I can see just how much better (or worse) I am at a given game than all my friends.  I am now certain that although I would be an incredible air traffic controller, I should never be put in charge of a group of militant little birds.  Although I started off thinking these casual games were silly, having given them a chance, I’ve discovered that they’re fun.  The only drawback is the snobbery of “serious” gamers.

I put serious in quotes up in that last paragraph because in the end a game, is a game, is a game.  None of us, no matter how skilled we become at slingshotting birds or taking on The Covenant are doing anything serious.  Unless, okay, if someone out there is playing a game of Global Thermonuclear War, the only winning move is not to play so stop now before you blow us all to bits.  Otherwise, it’s just about having fun.  I get that gamers that are super skilled at challenging games see casual games as a little less than stimulating.  If you’ve spent hours fragging aliens that makes perfect sense.  So, stick to what you like to play.  What I don’t get is why after spending hours fragging aliens those gamers feel the need to denigrate those of us who’ve spent hours fragging pigs.  With little birds.  And possibly some sticks.  Oh, you know what I mean!

My silly little iPhone games have given me hours of amusement.  They’ve helped me pass the time in dreary hospital waiting rooms, crowded airports, and while waiting for my kids.  So what if they’re not rocket science?  They’re fun!  My kids like them.  I like them.  I even got my Mom to play Angry Birds and she wouldn’t give me back my phone when it started ringing.  As long as we’re playing games, any games, and enjoying them for what they are, then I say we just leave each other alone.  I’ll be happy over your umpteenth kill in Halo if you’ll be happy over my umpteenth landed plane in Flight Control.  Let’s just call a truce so we can all get back to our games, casual or otherwise.


7 Responses to “Casual Games FTW!”

  1. I have a serious Bejeweled addiction that I often try to hide, but there's no shame in it! At least I'm good at it, which is more than I can say for my attempts at Dead Rising 2 the other night.

  2. I had a job a few years back that was so mind-numbingly boring that I'd pass the time playing Bejeweled. I loved it when they came out with seasonal variations and suddenly the jewels were snowflakes or leaves…ahhhh, memories!

  3. CT says:

    I'm not much of a video gamer, mainly because I don't have the temperament for it, but these "casual games" as you call them are awesome. Angry Birds has assimilated me and now when I look at the world, I can't help but imagine how things would crumble if I threw real birds at them.

    And hey, apparently I'll be able to do that for real soon:

  4. O.M.G. Want! All those little plush birdies will be mine! I shall love them and hug them, until my kids steal them from me when I'm not paying attention.

  5. Michael says:

    Of all the iOS games I have, this one has always stayed at the top of my list. A good time killer at work or around the house when I have a few free minutes.

  6. Laxmi13 says:

    Greg & I have ipod touches and we've downloaded so may of the free games, it's insane! I'm so glad they created little folders because I had run out of the alloted 'pages' they give us.

    When I got mine back in January, Lucas let me know that it was, in fact, his and not mine. It's turned out to be pretty true. He is, upstairs, laying in my bed playing with my itouch.

    He has mastered every free tower defense game on that thing. His favorite, which he's playing now, is Creeps. The whole family was addicted for a while, including my brother. Four people, two itouches; it was a bad scene!

    In Creeps, you have to keep the monsters from getting under the kid's bed. There's another similar one, Madness, where you have to keep the aliens from abducting the sheep. He's been trying to teach that one to my mom, while she tries to teach him how to say sheep in Nepali 🙂

    As far as dinner goes, Lucas has blatantly told me that games are more important than dinner if we're playing together so I'm good. LOL!

  7. <3 Angry Birds. I played it til I got bored of it – which took a long time – and then after some more time, I started playing it again. I'm working on 3 stars in every level, which is maddeningly hard!

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