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Wonder Woman, The Bionic Woman and Isis

I watched an old episode of The Big Bang Theory for the first time last night and laughed so hard I was nearly in tears.  It was “The Wheaton Recurrence” where the guys are beaten at bowling by Wil Wheaton and end up having to dress as female superheroes as a result of their failure.  The episode closes with the guys walking into the comic shop as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Catwoman and Batgirl.  Once I stopped laughing I started thinking about my favorite childhood superheroines.

The first superheroine I remember watching on TV was Isis and I watched her religiously every Saturday morning.  Say what you will about the cheese factor, but this show was awesome!  Isis was just a mild-mannered high school science teacher until she revealed her snazzy amulet and recited the words “O Mighty Isis!” and turned into a toga wearing heroine.  She even had a gold tiara and a black crow named Tut that she could communicate with due to her mystical powers.  I may have looked at the crows outside of my window and hoped beyond hope that one of them would tap on the glass and say hello.

Then we had Wonder Woman in the form of Lynda Carter.  She didn’t just save people from day-to-day disasters, she saved the world from evil supervillains and Nazis.  How cool is that? And she did it in a bustier she threatened to pop out of and high-heeled boots.  She also had the best transformation sequence ever.  What could be better than letting your hair down and spinning around into a giant ball of energy until *boom* you’re a butt kicking heroine.  She had what is still the coolest superhero outfit and is single-handedly responsible for my obsession with high-heeled boots.

Last but not least, there’s The Bionic Woman.  After plummeting to the earth in a skydiving accident and nearly dying she is saved by the pleas of her love (The Six Million Dollar Man) and given super hearing, a super strong right arm and super speedy legs.  She’s just all kinds of super.  Instead of returning to her life as a champion tennis player she becomes an operative in a special branch of the CIA.  I don’t know about you but I can’t see a better way to end a brush with death than surviving to find out you are now an elite spy.  They remade this one recently, but nothing can be as good as the original with Lindsay Wagner.

There are plenty of other female heroines out there, but these three were the ones that I wished I could have been as a child and still adore.  Now I’m off to wrangle some crows, practice my magic spin and attempt to bend some steel bars with one hand.


5 Responses to “Wonder Woman, The Bionic Woman and Isis”

  1. Xtina says:

    This brings back memories! I wish I still had my Bionic Woman doll.

  2. Cooool…I didn't have the Bionic Woman but I did have The Six Million Dollar man and I remember his arms and stuff opening to shows all the circuitry underneath. And he had a rocketship, too!

  3. These were also my absolute favorite heroines as a child. I nearly spun myself into the ground trying to turn in Wonder Woman (I would have settled for Wonder Girl).
    I also had the Bionic Woman doll, with her red corvette that you could plug her into for a recharge.
    Lovely memories.

  4. NerdMom says:

    I never saw Isis as a kid but the other 2…I would wear my Wonder Woman underoos, spin in my living room and watch Wonder Woman! And who didn't love the Bionic Woman?

  5. ysabelkid says:

    It's so rare that anyone mentions Isis – I, too, watched it as a kid, although in South Africa it was on at 5pm and I always rushed home from piano lessons to catch as much as I could (usually missing the beginning, I'm afraid). I mentioned the show to MadCat just the other day – Wonder Woman was and is my favourite superheroine, but I still dream of Isis every now and then.

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