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Geek Fangirls FTW!

Here’s the thing.  I am a huge Fangirl.  I know, you’re really surprised, but given the right circumstances I absolutely become a stuttering fool who smiles and says nothing as someone signs my book, or stops just long enough for me to take their picture.  Actually, they don’t even have to stop.  Cameras these days are perfectly capable of taking a crystal clear picture of your favorite star as they make a mad dash through a throng of people to get to their next panel.  I have a picture of Michio Kaku to prove this theory.  Hey, it was at a Con so it’s not like I was stalking him or anything.  Mostly.  But that brings me to my point.  When I saw Michio Kaku, braniac, science guy, genius, real-life Sheldon Cooper, I actually squealed out loud.  I am such a Geek Fangirl.

There are plenty of Fangirls out there.  Just ask Robert Pattinson, you know, the brooding vampire guy from Twilight, who has legions of teenage girls throwing themselves at his feet when they can get past his bodyguards.  He has to fight them off with his smoldering good looks.  But, Geek Fangirls have an entirely different set of standards.  Sure, we like cute guys.  I might just possibly think that David Tennant is the best Doctor because he has the coolest hair, but it might also be because he played the best version of the Doctor I’ve ever watched.  His delivery of ridiculous lines, the way he embraced the character and made me fall in love with the show have created a fan for life.  But my biggest Fangirl moments have very little to with the cuteness of the person in question.

I’d say seeing Michio Kaku was pretty high up on the list.  Listening to him speak at New York Comic Con was nothing short of amazing.  He is absolutely brilliant and can answer a question that is complex beyond my understanding in such a way that I not only do understand his explanation, but end up wishing I had studied Physics.  I listen to him and think, although he looks like an everyday human, he ought to look like those super-smart aliens in that Classic Star Trek episode.  You know, the ones with the giant bald heads and the big pulsing vein.  Hey, who knows, he might really be one of those aliens but with an incredible camouflaging device.  Regardless, I am awed and impressed by what he does, not by how he styles his hair.
It’s that way with a lot of people who elicit a Geek Fangirl squee from the likes of me and other Geek Girls.  There’s Grant Imahara, my favorite Mythbuster, who I’ve admired ever since he built a giant-sized R2D2 robot to battle to the death on Junkyard Wars.  And there’s Wil Wheaton, who’s written some wonderfully clever books and gives the most inspiring “Be Proud to Be A Geek” speeches that you will ever hear.  Now, I’m not saying that these guys aren’t nice to look at because they are handsome guys.  But honestly, even if they all turn out to be big-headed bald Star Trek aliens trying to take over the world, I’d still be a fan.  I am such a Geek Fangirl.

4 Responses to “Geek Fangirls FTW!”

  1. Laxmi13 says:

    hahahaha! This is apparently harder to explain to normal women, or men of any type, than I thought!

    I have endlessly tried to explain to my husband, brother & friends that my obsession with Daniel Jackson from SG-1 has nothing to do with the way he looks!

    I've seen him in other things like 24 & Burn Notice. It just wasn't the same. I say, Michael Shanks isn't hot, it's all Daniel Jackson…

    Although Shanks did play crazy on Burn Notice quite well…

    It works that way in real life too. Yes, I think my husband is cute, handsome, sexy & hot. However, it's when he starts talking all computer geeky, I'm hooked for life! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Total Fan Girl…. I am your #1 FAN!!!! I'm gonna start stalking you!!hehe

  3. Ruth says:

    Yep, I'm a total fangirl too. 🙂 But I'm less likely to get excited over "oh so dreamy" than "Oh so funny" or just general cool feats.

  4. Yup, a Geek Fangirl is sure to swoon over geek speak or feats of coolness. Of course, I think Geek Fanboys are just as likely to swoon over a girl for the same reason. 😉

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