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Zombies, Blood and…Ketchup?

I’ve been watching The Walking Dead on AMC and since I’ve never read the comic book series, I hold my breath through most of it because I have no idea who lives and who dies.  I am very happy that I’ve only been able to watch it during the day.  When the sun is out.  And there are no dark corners.  Although, I have to say no matter what time of day it is, if you’ve been watching a zombie show, then the sound of the ice in your refrigerator ice maker dropping into the little bucket will make you jump.  Still, I recommend checking out this series if your are at all a fan of zombies.  I have one minor complaint. What is up with the ketchup for blood thing?

Now, before you give me a lecture on the fact that the zombies are rotten, putrefying corpses so they’re gonna look a little different than what we’d look like if we were gutted and lying dead on the street, I agree.  The zombies, who are shot in the head a zillion times an episode, have brains that explode in a spray of something that looks appropriately nasty.  It is gross, and bloody but not normal looking and that feels absolutely perfect given the whole zombie thing.  But what about the people who are still real people?  There’s a scene with a gutted person lying in a hospital and although they’ve been there awhile by the look of things, it looks all shiny and new and not at all like you’d expect a dead, gutted, human to look.  Why?

Then, and there be spoilers here if you haven’t watched the show yet, the whole thing with the horse.  Yup, I was sad about the horse.  It was pretty.  It was awesome to watch our hero ride off into the sunset on said horse with a pack full of shotguns.  It was perfect watching them gallop through the streets of Atlanta while fleeing the hordes.  Alas, our hero makes it but our horse, not so much.  It dies a grisly, gory, entrail covered death.  But I just couldn’t help laughing.  What is up with the rubber molded intestines splashed with what looks like a healthy dose of Heinz?  For all the time and effort put into making the zombies look perfectly nasty and disgusting, it feels like they spent no time at all on making real stuff look real.  Let’s step it up effects people….and don’t even get me started on the horrors of fake movie snow.


3 Responses to “Zombies, Blood and…Ketchup?”

  1. Ryan says:

    Living in New England, fake movie snow drives me nuts. Not only does the snow look wrong, but it's always so clean. Real snow is filled with road salt, dirt, and everything else that is found on roads everywhere including trash. Also, they never seem to remember the ice and frost that goes along with the snow. The worst part is under the snow is a ice layer of ice covering the entire car, especially on the windows.

    Regarding bad movie blood, I can never tell since I close my eyes when there is gore, it's icky.


  2. Well, I'd rather serve my zombies with A-1 sauce, but ketchup works too.

  3. Hey, I see an updated ad campaign…. "A-1 Sauce makes zombieburger taste like steakburger!" It'd make me buy a bottle.

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