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Gingerbread TARDIS

It’s one week until Christmas which makes it officially time to completely freak-out and spend the last pennies you find in the couch cushions on the gifts you still haven’t found time to purchase.  How about this instead. Break out the flour and sugar and build yourself a gingerbread house.  Not your style?  How about a TARDIS Gingerbread House complete with light bulb!  I make a gingerbread house every year, and I am absolutely going to try this out next Christmas.  If Doctor Who isn’t quite your style, there’s also a Hogwarts Castle.  Of course, you’d have to find the right spell for that one.  Hmmm…Gingerbreadiramas!


4 Responses to “Gingerbread TARDIS”

  1. RTGamer says:

    That is awesome! You find the best geeky yet practical things TFG. Thanks… Tine to go try and build one!

  2. Love it! Might have to try this for the Dr. Who Christmas Special this year

  3. If anyone manages to build this….you MUST send me a picture…I can create a TARDIS Gallery!

  4. Amber Love says:

    I know someone who would love that! I would just eat it.

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