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A Mystery Twitter Christmas Card

This might be the most amazing Secret Santa gift ever! Technically it’s not a gift, it’s more of a card, but it still fantastic.  It was sent anonymously so I have no idea who wrote it, but they mentioned some twitter folks that are often on my Follow Friday lists.  And being some of my favorite Geeky tweeps, there are Geeky references throughout this little ditty.  So, to whoever wrote this, thank you , and to everyone else, any guesses who should get the credit…… 

Twas the night before Christmas and all across Twitter,
Everyone was still buzzing with fresh, caffeine jitters.

The best news of the season, we all were reflecting,
Was that @geeksoap and @fubbleskag were expecting!

Their gift was done, now for everyone else,
What to get for the rest of my Twitter elves?

First a robot Stegosaurus for @PhysicistLisa
And I’m pretty sure @GEEKLEETIST would enjoy a nice pizza!

An evening with Bruce, for my dear @TheNerdyBird,
And for @toasterlicious, a book of five-dollar words.

For @CapSteveRogers, a non-contact hug,
a high five, a pickle and some anxiety drugs.

@Bkquinn needs a hearing aid, the best in the biz,
because she can’t hear over the sound of how awesome she is.

@Teacher_Geek gets a toque and the Jake that’s beneath it,
@theroseinbloom, a sonic screwdriver, who’s use remains secret

For @ArkhamAsylumDoc, a scruffy nerfherder at night,
And for people to finally pronounce her name right.

For @ruthbeingruth, Caprica back in a hurry,
And some Dick for her Nook, wait, that just sounds dirty!

For @GameCouch, the newest Metallica jam, for him,
and @jeffisageek, a Chiefs’ playoff win.

@uberdorkgirlie wants a hot cuppa joe and less stress
@geekwithsoul would like unfettered access to @brainofjess

@crystalhwll wants some down home possums, for eatin’
and for @GeekyLyndsay, a date with Wil Wheaton.

@geekgirls gets an apartment in a sunnier state,
Perhaps California, complete with roommate.

@katiedoyle a nice man on her couch who will scoff
at any cable repairman who tries to rip her off.

@NicoleWakelin might enjoy some fried pickles and beer
and money to go to all the cool Cons next year.

@amy_geek gets a set of sharp throwing knives,
and @LetTheWookieWin gets a week of high fives!

@kristenmchugh gets a TARDIS filled with Matt Smith
and @kimmi_page gets her wish of becoming a Sith!

@WhoIsNickSmith would like a cushy new job, I think,
and for @MissClareJordan, some fresh skin to ink.

For @kyleelane, some minions, to help with her soap
And to find her dream home, I can only hope.

That about does it for these Christmas wishes,
but I’d still love to give you all hugs and kisses.

You’ve help make this year one of the best,
I have serious love for you all…and now I must rest.


9 Responses to “A Mystery Twitter Christmas Card”

  1. Awww this is awesome!!! 🙂

  2. @kyleelane says:

    AMAZING! !! A bazillion kisses to who wrote it!!!

  3. Missy says:

    Omg, that is freaking AWESOME. I wish I knew who it was!

  4. Amy says:

    This is so very cool! 😀

  5. @geeksoap says:

    HOLY CRAPPERS this is SO AWESOME!! Love, love, LOVE. It gave me the warm fuzzies 🙂

    Now I want to hug all of you.

  6. Big *hugs* for this! 😀

  7. You know the key to my heart. <3

  8. Kristen says:

    This. . . This is utterly amazing. THANK YOU SECRET SANTA. 😀

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