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Red Ring of Death, FTW!

Are you stumped about what to give your favorite Gamer this holiday season?  Well, I may have a solution for you.  Check out these very cool rings from Shiny Lines.  They come in a variety of colors and there’s even a necklace to match.  This is one Red Ring of Death that will make Gamers happy!  And to make the gift a little more special, you’ll not only be making a Gamer happy, you’re helping support a company whose goal is to give back to the community.  From their site:

“Our goal to bring a different kind of personal style to the Geek image has just begun, however, we’re not just in it for the fun of design and discovery. Ultimately we hope to some day provide, not just monetary philanthropy to groups in Science, Education and Art around the world… but also the opportunity for individuals whom wouldn’t normally have access to the education or facilities, a chance to learn a trade that could benefit their families and communities. A lofty target to hit, yes, but it’s what keeps us going, and we invite you to be a part of it.”

So head on over and check out Shiny Lines for these fantastic rings along with other great Geeky products!


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