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Behold! The Angry Birds Mighty Eagle

I am addicted to Angry Birds and spend a ridiculous amount of time playing this adorable game on my iPhone.  It’s not a big deal when I’m stuck waiting for an appointment, but it becomes a bit of a problem when I’m supposed to be feeding my children dinner.  I’m not even really good at playing and have just one star on most of the levels, but I’m okay with my one star.  As long as I kill all the pigs and complete the level I am happy.  I sometimes get stuck on a level for days and only break through when I get really angry (just like the birds) and start flinging them willy-nilly until they hit the pigs.  Yet, I still play, one level at a time, in order, due to some obsessive compulsive urge I can’t clearly define.  Here’s my problem.  They have now introduced The Mighty Eagle as a way to destroy a level that you are just tired of trying to complete.  How am I supposed to work that into my world-view?  Do I use the eagle to complete the level?  Is that cheating?  Argh!  Now this game is not only addictive, it comes complete with moral dilemmas!  Darn you, Angry Birds!


3 Responses to “Behold! The Angry Birds Mighty Eagle”

  1. angry birds is awesomely addictive… i like a challenge so i wont be using any eagles. have you seen angry birds peace treaty? couldnt believe it when i saw it. Angry birds has now become another youtube phenomena, lol

  2. I've seen it now…that was hillarious!

  3. Vader's Mom says:

    I'm with you – I'm not the greatest at the game, but I don't think I could use The Mighty Eagle. Part of the fun is defeating the level.

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