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Disney Star Wars Vinylmation

If you’re a Disney fan then you’ve probably already seen and likely purchased a Vinylmation character or two.  These collectible 3″ Mickey’s are hugely popular and have been adorned with just about every Disney character you can imagine.  Now the Star Wars fans of the world are getting their chance to own a piece of The Magic imbued with a little bit of The Force.  Tonight, at a special midnight release event at D-Street in Downtown Disney West Side in Florida, the new limited run of Star Wars Vinylmation characters will finally make their debut.  Attendees will be the first to purchase these 12 adorable figures and will also be able to have them autographed by Disney Design Group Artist, Mike Sullivan.  This series will only be available at the parks or through mail order and not at local Disney Stores like previous releases.  If you’re in California, you’ll get your chance at an autographed Boba Mickey at D-Street on Sunday afternoon.  As for me, these little guys have just made their way to the top of my to-do list for my next trip!


5 Responses to “Disney Star Wars Vinylmation”

  1. RTGamer says:

    Wow Boba Mickey! Looks amazing!

  2. I know! I want these little guys so much….I see a significant portion of my vacation spending going into acquiring them all!

  3. Sue London says:

    Now…now I've got to go back to Star Wars Weekends again.

  4. Laxmi13 says:

    Awesome! When we were at Disney World, the only souvenir we bought was the Mickey light saber. Disney + Star Wars = Awesome!

  5. sinreal11 says:

    you'll get your chance at an autographed Boba Mickey at D-Street on Sunday afternoon. swtor credits swtor credits

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