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WebComic: Free Mars with The Sisters Grimm

You’re a punk rocker playing in an all-girl band.  The year is 2339.  Oh, and you live on Mars and the band has accidentally been caught up in the Martian civil war.  This is the premise behind the weekly webcomic Free Mars written by David Pauwels with artwork by Nicolas R. Giacondino.  Since July of last year, a new page has been released each week taking our heroines, The Sisters Grimm, from punk rockers to rebels.  Along with each new page of beautiful artwork, the creators include a write up discussing their choices, from color and shading to story and character development.  They even talk about the music they listen to while they’re working and how it affects the story.  This is a fully fleshed out sci-fi universe, and the site includes an extensive history including details on the intriguing supporting characters.  If you’re a fan of comics with a sci-fi theme and butt-kicking heroines, this is definitely worth a look.

2 Responses to “WebComic: Free Mars with The Sisters Grimm”

  1. Gobbo says:

    Love this comic. I am just excited to see a new one up…

  2. That is a most excellent premise. In serious need of a new comic & this might just do.

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