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A Geek’s Dealbreaker

Liz Lemon said it best, “That’s a dealbreaker, ladies!” in reference to the things that will ruin any chance of a relationship with a guy.  For example, you don’t want a guy who was featured on an episode of Dateline: To Catch a Predator.  Really, very sound advice for women, but what about dealbreakers that only a Geek could understand?  This is advice of an entirely different kind, but it’s just as important.  I started thinking about this after watching this video about a guy who has to break up with the perfect girl because she doesn’t like Firefly.  Hmmmm…..

Obviously, I would have to immediately dump anyone who thinks that Greedo shot first, vampires sparkle, or that the best Starbuck is some blond chick.  Those would be my Geek dealbreakers. I might also have a problem if he didn’t like Firefly, or can’t quote at least half a dozen lines from Star Wars in less than a minute.  Think about it.  If your guy does not “get” Star Wars, how awful is it going to be when the perfect “Use the Force, Luke!” opportunity comes up and he just looks at you blankly?  Yes, now you see how important it is to be sure that your potential new love has compatible Geek loves.  If he puts the toilet paper roll on the wrong way, or leaves the cap off the toothpaste, that’s one thing.  If he doesn’t know what the Kobayashi Maru is or thinks that a Sonic Screwdriver is some kind of fancy drink, then that’s a Geek Dealbreaker!


7 Responses to “A Geek’s Dealbreaker”

  1. Joanna says:

    This is awesome and I can see it being so true! Of course I'm not so much a Fan Girl Geek (though we do own the entire series of Firefly on DVD!), but I get it!

  2. Vader's Mom says:

    I agree 110%. But wouldn't the Sonic Screwdriver be an awesome drink!?

  3. It would be an awesome dring…maybe out there somewhere it IS and I just don't know it?

  4. Haha! That's awesome! Yeah, I think Star Wars would be a dealbreaker for me too … Star Trek too. I mean come on, Kirk's resolution to the Kobayashi Maru is legendary! Great post Nicole!

  5. bobaferret says:

    You know, I bet Norbert could concoct a Sonic Screwdriver… 😉

  6. Thanks, Michelle!!

    @bobaferret You are so right! We must make sure he's aware that he has a new mission!!

  7. Amy says:

    This is so true! I'm lucky enough to have fantastically geeky boyfriend, but the geek stuff is such a big part of my life that if my potential significant other didn't like science fiction or Lord of the Rings… yeah, it would be a total dealbreaker.

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