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Harry Dresden: Ghost Story

The Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher are one of my favorite series.  The stories are fast-paced and well-written.  The characters are genuine and have you rooting for them (or against them) within minutes of their introduction.  I buy new releases in this series on the day they come out because they’re on my “buy in hardcover the second they hit the shelf I don’t care how much they cost” list.  Yes, they are that good.  If you’ve never read the Dresden Files and aren’t acquainted with the underdog, wise-cracking, ever the punching bag of the universe Harry Dresden, then you need to go to the bookstore right now and pick up a copy of “Storm Front”.  This first book will introduce you to the wizard detective and likely keep you up too late reading about his misadventures in Chicago.  If, like me, you are completely up to date, then you are in for a special treat.  Penguin has released the first chapter of Ghost Story, Book #13 of The Dresden Files which doesn’t even come out until July 26th.  Additional chapters will be released in June as well as an audio reading by the author, all of which is detailed over at Jim Butcher’s website.  You could be a purist and wait for the release of the whole thing this summer.  Nah….Go! Now! Read!


6 Responses to “Harry Dresden: Ghost Story”

  1. Michael C says:

    I may come across as a heretic for saying what I'm about to say, but I just don't understand the appeal of the Dresden books. Not all that long ago I read the first book in the series just to see what everyone in the bloggerverse was squeeing about. After finishing it, the only thing going through my mind was "People are going crazy over THIS?!?" Maybe it was a bad case of First Book In A Series Disease, but there were just so many things that were wrong with this book: The female characters were so two-dimensional you could turn them sideways and hide them behind a pencil, The books universe alternates between being in awe of Harry and his awesomeness and beating him senseless, and at one point the author had written his character into such a corner that he almost literally hand to put a clue into Harry's hand to get the plot moving again!

    Lie I said earlier, maybe the later books in the series improve, but I'm not gonna pay full retail to find out…

  2. Nitz says:

    Book 1 is decent. Book 2 is so-so. The series really fires up and becomes excellent with book 3. I strongly suggest you use inter-library loan. Stick with it and you'll love. Each book gets better

  3. I can't believe you disliked them so much Michael! I enjoy the female characters, especially Murphy who is an increasingly important part of the story with each book. And for me, part of what makes Harry a likable and believable character is that to regular folks like you and me he is amazing, but within his world of wizards and vampires and demons he is out-classed. Yet, he still manages to pull things off, solve the mystery and sometimes even save the girl 🙂

  4. moffattbooks says:

    I've been enjoying the series as well, you know there's comic adaptations of the first 2 books out as well, right? I'm looking forward to Ghost Story as well but wondering if Harry will return with no powers…or will he return more powerful as a result of this book? I like seeing him get more powerful each time

  5. Yes, I have seen the comics….have you seen the RPG? It's two volumes, one that's the game and how it plays, but the second is more like a detailed history of the universe with notes about important characters. It's a wonderful read even if you aren't a fan of RPGs. I can not wait to see what happens to Harry by the end of Ghost Story!

  6. Jordan says:

    This is the kind of teasing I just can't stand!

    To push back the pub date to July and still release the first chapter now when the book was originally slated is just cruel!

    Can't wait for July and to see how he ties in Side Jobs with the new volume.

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