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Rebecca Black: Music Geek

By now I think most people have seen or at least heard of the video of Rebecca Black singing “Friday”.  It’s been viewed just over 42 million times as I write this post.  Geeks will note the significance of the number 42 but for everyone else, that’s forty-two MILLION views. You’d think she’d be the latest pop sensation but she just may be the most ridiculed singer in history.  The intensely vicious comments and outright personal attacks on this girl would have even the strongest adult choking back tears.  Yes, we’re talking about a 13-year-old girl who did nothing more than make a music video.  In interviews, Rebecca has shown that she’s surprisingly strong in the face of all this hate, and that at heart she’s nothing more than a Music Geek.

She doesn’t think she’s the greatest singer, nor the worst, that the world has ever known.  Rebecca is just a girl who loves music, loves to sing, and who’s parents paid for her to make a music video.  She swoons over Justin Beiber and thinks it would be the best thing ever to sing a duet with him.  This teenage girl has had people wishing for her death because they hate what she loves.  Does anyone remember a few months back when a little girl named Katie got picked on for loving Star Wars?  Yeah, you probably do because when she was ridiculed for what she liked the Geekverse came out in full force to support her and say it was wrong.  Well, this is no different.  Rebecca is a girl being ridiculed not just for liking music but for trying to create something.  Good or bad, she’s just doing what she loves and deserves credit for not letting the bullies get her down.  Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comics or Music, a Geek is a Geek. Rebecca Black, FTW!


5 Responses to “Rebecca Black: Music Geek”

  1. Lotak says:

    I think a difference here is that she's published a performance, and performances are judged on quality. The 'hate' isn't about her love of music. It's that her performance – that she published to the world – is kind of terrible. It's great that she's willing to put herself out there like that, but once it's out there, it's completely valid to judge her work on its merits. I don't hate the 300lb. guy in his spandex costume for being a geek, but I sure wish he hadn't done it. Same deal here. I'm not defending the people who go too far – though that's kind of par for the course on the internet – but I also don't think she should be getting much in the way of kudos for a terrible song and a terrible video.

  2. True, this is a performance, and by putting it out there she's given everyone an open invitation to tell her what they think of her song. I don't see anything wrong with not liking the song, or the video. In fact, it's probably a good thing for anyone to get criticism of what they do, especially if it's something creative, and it may help them improve their work. I have no problem with that at all. It's the hundreds of attacks on her, the girl, the person, that I think are wrong. If you look at the comments she's gotten, there are far, far, too many that are just vicious personal insults. Wishing she'd die, or cut herself, and things along those lines, that's just nasty bullying and it should stop.

  3. Matt says:

    She's no worse than most pop music out there. I didn't enjoy her music but I really didn't understand the outpouring of hate.

  4. CaptaiNapalm says:

    I suppose some random guy posts it on 4Chan and you're basically doomed from that moment if you're a geek boy or a cute girl turning yourself well…ridiculous. "Power to the Jerks" kinda place :/

  5. tumblebomb says:

    Cohones to her for putting it out there in the first place. I really wish despite how bad her singing may be that they'd left the auto tuner off. Sigh theres too much wrong with most pop music I'm not going to even start.

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