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Wonder Woman and Bearded Riker

I have never seen so much controversy and attention surounding a pair of pants.  Since the first photos of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman appeared, people have been obsessing over…her pants.  It’s a given that when talking about superheroes in a comic, or a movie, or a potential new TV show that people are going to have strong opinions about the costume.  A superhero’s outfit is almost a part of their persona and to get it wrong in the eyes of fans can be disastrous.  The pants in question have already been changed from super-shiny, bright blue to the less sparkly version in this photo.  I think they look a lot better.  Perfect?  Perhaps not, but here’s a thought.  Star Trek: TNG had some huge shoes to fill when it first aired.  It started with men in skirts and a beardless Riker and is widely thought to have not “gotten good” until Riker grew a beard.  Couldn’t we look at her costume as his beard?  Let’s see if the show is watchable, if the writing is compelling and if the characters resonate.  There is plenty of time for her to grow a beard.


10 Responses to “Wonder Woman and Bearded Riker”

  1. Dodger says:

    I think I would have less of an issue with the blue pants if I weren't already aware of the way Wonder Woman costume has been revamped in the new comics. Was there no way for the designers to take notes from that? If the show's not meant to be campy and meant to be taken seriously, I think looking at Wonder Woman 600 may have helped. I'm not saying that her new outfit in the comic is without flaw, believe me, I'm just saying that that outfit would probably translate better to television, especially if you're trying to bring new people into the fold.

  2. Yes, it definitely confuses the direction of the show. It will be hard to take it seriously the way it is now, but I'm hoping that the writing can make-up for what the costume lacks. Hoping, hoping, hoping….

  3. Dodger says:

    Same here. David E. Kelley's not so bad anyway–he did Boston Public and The Practice and I kind of dug those shows. No matter what people think of the costumes, the development of the show should be interesting to watch.

  4. Yes! Even if the costume stayed just like it is right now and not a thing ever changes, I just want the show to be decent. It's worrisome, though, because the networks don't seem to know what to do with genre shows. I wonder if it is good, but doesn't have through the roof ratings from day one, will they axe it before it even has a chance?

  5. adantejada says:

    I have a bigger issue with the bustier and the boots than I do with the pants. I'm *glad* they aren't the shiney, skin-tight version of WW600.

    I'm not optimistic about the show… I'm worried it will be Hercules-campy. I want Witchblade back.

  6. @adantejada The bustier is definitely a bit shiny, although I like the gold belt quite a bit. What's wrong with boots…is it that they're flats instead of her usual heels? Oh, and Witchblade, I was sad that failed because it was so very good!

  7. Joe says:

    I think there's far to much focus being put on the costume. People concerned about the costume are missing the real issue. We need quality F&SF shows on TV. If the stories are compelling, the writing good and the acting of quality, it doesn't matter what the costume is.

  8. @Joe Quality F&SF shows should DEFINITELY be more of a priority! I just want to watch some decent programming…I can forgive shiny pants.

  9. Michael C says:

    Once again I show my contrary roots by saying that I like the new look. I say this because I've always had an issue with WW's old outfit: Depending on who was on the art staff it made her look like she was getting ready for a swimsuit calender or was overdue on the porn set. Personally, if I was a 6+ foot tall amazon, I would wear something like this…and has oneone besides me noticed that she's wearing FLATS?

  10. @Michael C Good to know what to expect should you become an Amazon. And I did notice the boots are flats and it makes me happy! That is something that, having worn heels, drives me nuts. No sane woman would make heels part of her butt-kicking outfit. Of course, you could say that a bustier makes no sense either but it's not actually insane like the heels.

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