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Best Star Trek Episode, Ever.

I am a Trekkie. Don’t tell me it’s Trekker because I’ve been saying Trekkie for years and I’m not changing my mind. I’m only willing to argue over really important stuff like Kirk or Picard. The answer is Kirk by the way, but feel free to try and convince me otherwise. My love for Star Trek began when the original series was in endless reruns. I watched it whenever it aired and I think by the time I graduated high school I’d seen every episode a dozen times. There were a few episodes that I hated like The Menagerie with Captain Pike in the blinking wheelchair. He was creepy. And then there was The Doomsday Machine with the music that played over, and over, and over whenever they did a shot of the planet-destroying-club-of-glowy-doom. My favorite episode though, The Best Episode Ever, is The Trouble with Tribbles and here’s why.

Tribbles not only look cute, they sound cute. If they’re happy, then they purr, just like a cat but without the claws or annoying hairballs. And as an added bonus they also function as a Klingon early detection system. Tribbles are awesome.  If not for Tribbles then who knows how many innocent civilians would have been killed after making a loaf of bread out of poisoned quadrotriticale?  And how else would Kirk (all hail the Best Captain Ever) have known of the Klingon treachery?  Even he would have been stuck trying to figure out who had perpetrated such a heinous crime.  If not for the Tribbles and their insistent squeaks then the evil Klingon agent would have gone undiscovered and continued to cause trouble for The Federation.

This episode also features the most fantastic bar brawl in all of Star Trek history.  It’s better than the one in The Next Generation when Picard nearly gets killed.  Better even than the countless brawls in Quark’s on Deep Space Nine.  Why?  Because this brawl doesn’t start over a woman, or a peace treaty, or a cardgame.  It starts because the Klingons, after tossing out insults against humans and even Captain Kirk, make the mistake of insulting the USS Enterprise in Scotty’s presence.  This is the last straw for the Chief Engineer who then knocks out the offending Klingon with the first punch of this Epic Brawl.  There you have it.  Tribbles saving the day and Scotty protecting his ship’s honor.  The Trouble with Tribbles is the best Star Trek episode, ever.  If you think a different episode is the Best Ever, by all means try to prove me wrong with your comments. I love a good Geek Fight!


16 Responses to “Best Star Trek Episode, Ever.”

  1. Remy says:

    No, see Trials and Tribble-ations is a better episode because it combines this, the second best episode ever with one of the newer series in such an awesome way. Plus I like Sisko's voice. And Dax in a miniskirt.

  2. Did you just call my favorite episode second best?! Without this one the idea for the DS9 update would never have been…and did you forget Uhura who wore a miniskirt in every episode? Along with every other woman in Starfleet 🙂

  3. Joe says:

    I have to 2nd Remy on this. I can totally respect the original and agree Kirk is the best, but I grew up n DS9. I've seen all the original series; but it was an after the fact deal from when I got hooked by TNG. Also Dax wore the mini better.

  4. Wait, if this is all coming down to who wore a mini better…you're leaving out all the men in those first few episodes of TNG. I cry foul 🙂

  5. Not only is this the best episode (no fight from me) but it is written by my favorite scifi author: David Gerrold!

  6. I do love the tribbles, but I think my favorite Star Trek moments are found in the movie Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan!

    Love the mind-controlling eels that enter the ears of Checkov and Terrell to gain control of the Reliant. So, gross!!

    So love the scene where Kirk screams "KHANNNNNNN." Classic.

    And loved learning about the Kobayashi Maru. Another favorite Kirk escapade!

  7. If we are talking movies, I'm with you! KHANNN! is just about the best line ever. But those things they put in their ears (shiver) I still end up sleeping with my covers tucked over my ears for a month after I watch that scene. And every time anyone, astronaut, deep sea diver, anyone puts on a helmet like that I picture it all over again.

  8. Remy says:

    No it's not about who wears a miniskirt better heh 😛 But I didn't see the original series until way after DS9, so from my perspective an episode which introduced me (and many others) to TOS in such an awesome way just has to get my vote for the better episode.

  9. So, what you're saying is that youth and inexperience had you seeing them backward? I suppose I can forgive that 😉

  10. Doug says:

    Sorry folks. I have one word for you. Mirror. Only, ya know… say it twice. That's right. Mirror Mirror has the midriff-mini, the Agonizer, and Spock with a goatee. Game, set, and match.

  11. No, sorry – the best ep is in ST:NG, "Dharmok", where Picard & an alien captain learn to communicate by the exchange of stories. It says something VERY deep, and even more important than that soft fluffy things are wonderful and should always be paid attention to.

    But Tribbles is definitely second. 🙂

  12. @Doug
    It keeps coming back to scantily clad ladies..I think you gus are missing the whole underlying importance of Star Trek. Although, I'll give you Mirror Mirror as second best.

    And speaking of very deep and important…soft, fluffy things…I'm sorry I got distracted what were you saying 😉

  13. Laxmi13 says:

    I'm not good at picking favorite episodes but I'm certain it has to be from NG. I didn't know the original even existed when I was watching Picard. But now that I've seen some of them, NG is most definitely the best, EVER!

    I have watched EVERY episode of NG. I couldn't get through the Originals…

    All that aside, I'm commenting because "Dharmok" is an AWESOME episode and I wouldn't be able to say whether it was the best or not, but it would definitely be one of the best!

    What an amazing episode. Much better than cute or sexy!

  14. rachel68620 says:

    I'm totally with you on all of it Nicole. I absolutely love Trouble with Tribbles. Best Trek Episode EVER.

    And in my opinion, Kirk wins the Captain dispute hands down.

  15. @Laxmi13 You couldn't get thru the Originals?! This is heresy! At least you've acknowledged that sexy is not the correct way to rate an episode. And Dharmok is a very good TNG episode…but not the best ever.

    @rachel68620 You complete me.

  16. adantejada says:

    We had a local store (The Federation Outpost) that sold tribbles (with motion-sensor sound) and (quadro)tricicale that you could use for bread and such.

    While I loved TWT, Mirror Mirror is right up there — and not for the outfits, but evil Spock, murderous Chekov…. and ok, HOT Marlena Moreau….

    The Naked Time and A Piece of the Action were favorites as well.

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