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Captain Planet, He’s Our Hero!

Today is Earth Day and I just came back from a morning spent at my kid’s school helping them celebrate.  This consisted of wrangling a bunch of grade school kids with weapons of mass destruction (aka rakes) sloppily wielded stakes (aka branches) and an inability to distinguish between dead leaves and newly growing plants.  At the peak of the chaos I said, “What we really need here is Captain Planet!” and got blank stares.  I stood there trying to explain the wonder that was Captain Planet, he of the green hair and blue skin, because explaining myself would make me look less crazy.  Here’s my tip for the day.  If you make a Captain Planet reference on Earth Day and no one gets it, just let it go.  Trying to make yourself look competent by talking about the five rings and their power combined and maybe singing a bit of the song, it doesn’t help.  Not at all.  I’m just hoping they don’t revoke my volunteer privileges. Say it with me…”Go Planet!!”


6 Responses to “Captain Planet, He’s Our Hero!”

  1. Wadjet Eye says:

    Back in the dark ages of 1994, I worked at a kids day camp and saw a kid who was painting a little blue creature. I said, "Hey, nice smurf!" And she looked at me like I was from Mars. Turned out she was drawing the genie from Aladdin.

  2. Hey, you may be on to something. They were all cheesy. They were all blue. Perhaps we should be fearing their powers combined?!

  3. Bryan Glasspool says:

    I always found it weird that Captain Plants weakness was the very thing they usally needed him to clear up.
    Also to start something up, which was your favourite ring? Please don't say Heart.

  4. Heart? No one liked Heart! That was the one no one wanted to be when you were pretending to save the world. I always liked Water best because then you could make giant waves to surf. Despite mever having even been on a surfboard. What about you?

  5. Bryan Glasspool says:

    Earth could always be cool because you could always do alot with it. When I was young being Heart was a punishment and people could almost come to blows over not being it. Boys would even want to be Gaia over Heart.
    Although being from England always thought one of them should have been English.
    Must come out and say that we tended to more play Defenders of the Earth than Captain Plant.

  6. I never thought about it but you were cheated out of your own personal Planeteer in England. He, at least they didn't stick ou with Heart!

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