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The D6 Generation Podcast #77 Privateer Press, Jen Ikuta Interview

In this episode I interview Jen Ikuta, Quartermaster for Privateer Press, about what it’s like to herd cats, er, I mean wrangle the Press Gangers who make up their volunteer force.  She shares what it takes to be a Press Ganger and demo games like Warmachine and Hordes for eager players.  We also talk a bit about the new Battle Engines, the chances of an Iron Kingdom RPG update and the marvel that will be the first ever Privateer Press convention, Lock and Load. Download the episode and head to the 2hr 5min mark to hear the interview.

Download D6G Episode #77


2 Responses to “The D6 Generation Podcast #77 Privateer Press, Jen Ikuta Interview”

  1. adantejada says:

    THANK YOU for doing the shout out so well. I'm sorry to say that there's no "inside joke." I'm kind of old, and when I was young and the number 77 came up, for whatever reason, someone in my family would start singing the theme song to "77 Sunset Strip." It was a TV detective show. Now, it was actually *before* my time, but my parents watched it all of the time, so I knew about it from a young age even though I never saw a single episode. One of the characters was a teen heart-throb ("Cookie") and apparently spawned an entire following of his own.

    SO…. Thanks very much and you did it very well.

  2. Ahh..well that is kind of an inside joke for your family. I just couldn't figure out how you even knew that old show. I watched the intro and I am betting that Cookie is the one that combs his hair back like he's James Dean. He was a cutie so I can imagine hordes of girls screaming for him.

    And I'm glad you approved of my "singing" as I have no skill in that area at all…I'm just lucky it was only one line!

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