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It’s Royal Wedding Con

My first reaction upon hearing that people were getting up at 4:30am to watch The Royal Wedding was that the world is full of crazy.  I mean, who gets up that early? The answer is no sane person, ever.  Yet, I know more than a few people who did just that and are probably still glued to the screen, bleary-eyed but happy as they watch the ceremony.  I listened to friends planning viewing parties complete with scones and tiaras and fancy hats, shaking my head, until it hit me.  This isn’t crazy.  It’s Royal Wedding Con.

Let’s take a look at Royal Wedding Con.  Countless fans saved their pennies to make the trip over to the UK so they could stand with the crowds and watch the pageantry in person.  They purchased souvenir mugs and plates and uniformed teddy bears with replicas of Kate’s ring.  Some slept on the streets so they could be sure of the perfect, unobstructed view.  There were special deals offered by airlines and hotels and the whole city will be celebrating along with the happy couple.  It’s one giant party.  Now, think of the last big convention you attended.  You probably saved for months to buy a plane ticket and get a hotel.  You willingly stood in crowded lines to get your badge, see panels, and maybe even get an autograph or two.  There were probably a few souvenir purchases.  Maybe even a Han Solo teddy bear complete with blaster.  The Royal Wedding is to their fans what Cons are to Geeks.  Don’t judge.  Let them have their day.  This only happens once in awhile for them, the rest of us get our cons ever year.


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  1. Laxmi13 says:

    Oh my goodness! You're so right! I'm so ashamed!

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