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Tomorrow Ends With…

Most of you have probably heard that the world is going to end tomorrow, May 21st.  Really.  I’m not making this stuff up.  Even the CDC got in on the action with their warnings about the Zombie Apocalypse so that’s got to make you wonder just a little bit if we all ought to be getting ready.  I think the possibility of the world ending by zombies just doesn’t fit the bill this time.  If they took over, it wouldn’t happen in one day.  I know this from movies, TV and comic books.  It takes time for the hordes to overrun the world and send you fleeing into the woods with a cricket bat and some Twinkies.  If tomorrow the world ends, then it has to be something much quicker and more dramatic. 

The next likely candidate is Skynet.  I know, this was supposed to already have happened, but with all those time changes and alterations and jumping back and forth, perhaps we were just off by a few days.  Maybe tomorrow when I turn on my laptop it will snap closed on my fingers and then my toaster will fly across the kitchen and give me a concussion.  This would definitely be a more definitive ending with immediate havoc, but still, the world would be here and not gone so I have to write off the notion that Skynet is to blame.

This brings me to something far more evil.  More evil than Zombies.  More evil than Skynet.  More evil than the IRS.  I’m talking about Daleks.  If every there was a race capable of wiping us out in the blink of an eye, it would be these guys.  Despite the fact that the more improved version of them looks far too much like a bunch of Skittles, my money is on them descending from the sky and blowing us all to smithereens.  What defense do we have against that?  Well, only one of course, so until that lovely blue box appears on my street, and I hear the hum of the sonic screwdriver I’ll be hiding in my basement.  Call me when it’s over and don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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