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My Nemesis is 3D

There was a time when 3D was new and exciting with people wearing cute little cardboard glasses.  They ate their popcorn and waited for things to pop out of the screen and scare them so badly they’d spill it into their laps.  Fast forward a few years, okay more than a few, all the way to Avatar.  Now 3D isn’t a gimmick, they say, it’s an experience.  They even give it a cooler name, RealD, which seems to be merely an excuse to make me wear horribly uncomfortable glasses and charge me a few extra bucks.  I find it distracting and cringe when I see movies released only this way.  I still see them, rubbing behind my ears and adjusting those stupid glass for half the movie, but I’d much rather just see things in good old 2D.  This weekend my dislike of 3D reached new heights when it became partly to blame for me not getting to see the movie I wanted to see.  It officially became my nemesis.

I showed up at the theater and tried to get tickets to see X-Men: First Class.  I know, I should have bought them online, but I had a last minute opportunity so I thought I’d give it a chance.  It was sold out, but both Kung Fu Panda 3D and Pirates of the Caribbean 3D had plenty of seats.  Both films were showing in 2D and 3D and neither was sold out.  So, instead of having them just each shown in one theater which was clearly all they needed, because the movies were released in two formats they each got two theaters.  Two wasted theaters that could easily have been filled up with those of us who wanted to see X-Men.  Nope.  Instead, we have 3D taking up empty seats and I don’t get to see my movie!

Now, I know there’s a whole complicated system in place that regulates what movies are shown in what theaters and on how many screens.  But, if those movies had only been released in 2D instead of  the completely unnecessary RealD, then the chances of me seeing a movie that deserved the extra screens would have been much better.  I still have not seen X-Men and with a busy week ahead of me I may not get another chance until next weekend.  I can only hope that there’s not another 3D release looming on the horizon ready to suck up additional screens.  Be gone, 3D, I’ve had enough of you!

Am I the only one that doesn’t get the 3D thing?  Do you think it makes movies must-see or must-miss?


7 Responses to “My Nemesis is 3D”

  1. Anonymous says:

    1000 times agreed!

    FYI, Hank Green (one of the YouTube vlogbrothers) is actually marketing 2-D glasses to turn 3D movies back into 2D.

    Here's him talking about them:

    – Tom S.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree TFG!

    All moves have a sense of 3D as they are now filmed in high def digital. If I wanted 3d I'd travel to Disney and go on the ride.

    Keep films 2D. They look just as good (If not better) don't strain my eyes and keep the cinema full of happy (Or Scared) faces rather than Blues Brothers rejects.

  3. Vaughn says:

    At first, it seemed that the quality of the 3D was worthy of merit. Like a redeeming quality. The trouble is that it never works as well as intended and for most the hoax has been exposed. My argument is that no one ever complained about Star Wars looking "flat". Integrating 3D actually makes something less authentic.

  4. HA! Even in the Disney rides, which I love, it sometimes drives me nuts.

    Exactly! I never thought movies were lacking without the 3D and it does not improve the experience. It's awkward and feels fake.

  5. Jasmin says:

    I hate how 3D has now become a marketing strategy. It's like they think people won't see a movie if it's only in 2D, which is ridiculous seen as the general consensus seems to be that it's a waste of time and money. You see posters now with the title of the film in smaller font and then "COMING TO YOU IN 3D!!!" in massive letters, like that's the most important part. It's supposed to be more immersive – and I think in Avatar it worked really well (Tron Legacy's mix of 2D and 3D also looked really good)- but in most films, live action movie's especially and post converted, it actually does the opposite. I find myself thinking "they put that scene in because of the 3D" and if I see the 2D version "he's stood that way for the 3D camera". Hopefully it'll go away soon, like it did when they tried it before.

  6. Ryan says:

    You claim to hate 3D, but didn't you just go see New Hampshire's White Mountains in 3D a week ago!

  7. I'll have to agree here. 3D is such a gimmick… and I usually LOVE a good gimmick. I think kids (small children, not young goats) are the only ones who are still excited about 3D. I also hate that they charge an extra 3-4 bucks to see the movie in 3D, then give me glasses that cost sixty cents to manufacture and expect me to recycle them on my way out. I paid for them, I'll keep them, thank you.

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