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Review and Giveaway: The Monster Doodle Book

Summer is upon us and that means swimming and hiking and outdoor fun.  It also means rainy days, road trips and children who are bored silly.  Travis Nichols has come to the rescue with The Monster Doodle Book.  Instead of just handing your kids some crayons and a couple of pieces of blank paper, hand them this fantastic little book with doodles of half-finished robots and aliens and monsters.  Don’t worry, these are friendly monsters, unless your kids decide to turn them into scary beasties all on their own.  They’ll learn how to make a flip book, finish up a monster alphabet and even invent the cast of a monster TV show.  It was difficult for me to get this book away from my kids long enough to check it out for myself and maybe, possibly, I then made a googly-eyed monster picking apples.  Hey, it’s my imagination and in my world monsters like apples.  Just imagine what your kids will create!

And thanks to the The Berkley Publishing Group I have two copies of this wonderful book to give away to my readers.  Leave me a comment with your favorite scary monster movie and I’ll pick two random winners (US only) on June 17th.  Good Luck!

Congratulations to Michelle and Karin, a copy of The Monster Doodle Book is headed your way!


4 Responses to “Review and Giveaway: The Monster Doodle Book”

  1. Sean says:

    Vampires and werewolves. As portrayed in just about anything other than the Twilight series of books and movies. (Although the man to wolf transformation was visually pleasing in the trailer I happened to catch.)

    And I can't pick one over the other. If that disqualifies my entry, than so be it.

  2. Karin M says:

    My favorite scary monster is Mechagodzilla. I love all of the different weapons and attacks that he has.

    Other than that I like Ghostbusters with the goo as a scary monster.

  3. The Fierce says:

    "Favourite" is hard to determine, but I have to admit, my husband bought me "Monster Squad" for my birthday last year because I loved the tropes. (Kind of like my sad liking of "Waxworks," too.) Are they the scariest? In no such way. Are they great movies? Probably not. Are they reliable popcorn entertainment? Absolutely.

  4. oooh, well my favorite scary movie isn't really geeky … it's Ju-On. It scared to bejeezus out of me. Dead wet girls contorted are very frightening dang it!

    In the scary campy arena – CHUD. Too funny!

    Cuuuuute doodle book!!!

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