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San Diego Comic-Con: Mixo Kooky Kans

Even if you never see a single panel, you can still keep yourself completely entertained and likely empty your wallet looking through the vendor booths at San Diego Comic-Con. It’s been three full days and I still walk down the rows certain that I’ve seen everything, only to find that there are entire areas of the floor that I’ve completely missed. It’s like little elves sneak in at night and add new stuff while I’m sleeping. Wandering through a newly discovered area this morning I came across Mixo Kooky Kans and fell in love.

This brand new product is launching itself during the convention and judging by the number of sold out signs scattered across the booth I wasn’t the only one drawn to these adorable renditions of superheros and Smurfs and monsters. I was too late to get Batman or Superman because they were behind the dreaded sold out tape, but the monster series, which includes kid-friendly, cute versions of vampires is going home with me.

These retro-style tins are 8.5″ tall and come in sets of four that are sold individually. Open them up and they get even better. Each is filled with either tasty Mixo candy or a Kookycraft which is a bit like old style paper dolls only better. I spoke with Reis O’Brien, Art Director at Mixo, who told me that they wanted to turn scary monsters into lovable creatures, striving for that warm-fuzzy vibe that kids and adults both love. If you look at the vampire graveyard you can see that effort in the smiling faces that stare out from gargoyles and the moon and even the vampire in his hearse.

Since this was the company’s debut, not every item was available for purchase just yet. There are plans for Ghostbusters and Hello Kitty cans as well as more monsters and superheros. If you couldn’t make it to San Diego you can still get these adorable collectible tins directly from Mixo as well as see their future releases. Just remember, these are so cute that if you want them for yourself, you’re going to have to fight to keep them away from your kids.


4 Responses to “San Diego Comic-Con: Mixo Kooky Kans”

  1. Vaughn Fry says:

    So… you put cookies in these?

  2. You put whatever you want in these. They're intended to be collectible tins, but you could use them to store whatever small things you choose.

  3. Anonymous says:

    They are also food safe 🙂 So definitely yes to cookies!

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