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Disney Store Vinylmation Robots

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m a sucker for all things Disney.  That adorable little mouse with his giant ears and cute clothes and happy laugh.  How can anyone not like The Mouse?  It’s impossible.  If you don’t like him you’re either a replicant or a Cylon.  I love him, which secures my place in the human race.  There are an infinite number of collectibles in the Disney universe and it’s a constant struggle for me not to buy them all.  One such line of collectibles that I managed to resist until this January was the Vinylmation figures.  I caved when they released them as Star Wars characters.  Now, they’ve done it again with the Robots series.

The Robots were each designed by a Disney Store artist and are available only at or at Disney Store locations.  This series turns the lovable Mickey into evil killer robots, only not so evil or killer.  Mostly just incredibly cute.  As with previous Vinylmation figures, each vinyl robot is 3″ tall and has movable arms and heads.  Collectors will want each of the twelve different robots, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Each robot comes in a sealed box, and then in that box he’s sealed again in a foil wrapper.  You don’t know which little robot you got until you rip open carefully open the box and cut the wrapper.  To add even more mystery, there are eleven known variations, but the twelfth is the mystery Chaser that won’t be know until some lucky person opens the first one and reveals it to the world.

The robots are even named and I was fortunate enough to receive Ignition Bot, Atomic Bot and Cranky Bot for review.  I love all three of them, but I must admit that Cranky Bot, with his see-through ears and cracked tooth is my favorite.  How often do you get your very own Robotized Mickey with attitude?  Now I’m off to play with my toys and count my pennies.  Three down.  Nine to go!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Living in Australia means that we miss out on cool stuff like this…

    The first time I saw a picture of a Vinylmation I was very confused. Then, during a trip to Paris, I went to Disneyland where my mother saw the Vinylmation and got addicted to them.

    A few months later and we found ourselves in Florida & WDW. My mothers obsession had grown by then and she bought some of the 9" ones (the alien from Toy Story being one of them).
    I was very anti-Vinylmation but the more I was exposed to them, the more I grew to like them.

    Once we got home, mum started searching ebay and contiuned buying more which even lead to me wanting one 🙂

    My all-time Fave Disney cartoon is "The Black Cauldron" and last year was the 25th anniversary of the film. So Disney chose to commemorate the event by releasing a 9" Horned King & a 3" Gurgi.
    This was the first Vinylmation I saw a picture of and I was mortified… But after going to Paris Disney, WDW & Disneyland and being exposed to them, I now find them rather cute.

    I acquired the 25th Anniversary Horned King & Gurgi off ebay and it's my favorite 🙂 (considering my inital dislike of all things Vinylmation)

    We now have an entire display cabinet full of Vinylmation in our home
    (including several Star Wars one, careof ebay)

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