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Magic the Gathering, Seinfeld and Dating

Once again the Geekverse is in a genuine tizzy. Tempers are flaring. Tweets are flying and everyone is crying foul over a Gizmodo post by Alyssa Bereznak. The post will likely make you angry enough to flex your fingers in preparation of firing an angry missive in her general direction. Why? Because she was horribly critical of a recent date set up through an online dating site simply because her date was really good at playing Magic.

This date was a guy named Jon Finkel and he isn’t just good at Magic, he’s amazingly good. So good that he’s actually a World Champion Magic player. And was Alyssa’s reaction surprise? Was she impressed? Maybe curious because she knew nothing about the game? Nope. Her reaction was something akin to finding out that he liked to kill kittens in his spare time.

You should take a minute to read the post about why she absolutely, positively could not date Jon. It’s the typical shallow, derogatory stuff geeks face every day. But as everyone came to Jon’s defense I couldn’t help but think maybe, just maybe, we should all just leave her alone.

Yes, she was shallow and judgemental and wrote off a guy for the simple “fault” of being really good at a particular game. It makes no sense to the point that it looks like one of those Seinfeld episodes were Jerry breaks up with a wonderful woman just because she talks too softly or her hands are too big. It’s completely ridiculous. But, in the end, the woman is better off without Jerry as I’m sure Jon will be without Alyssa.

When Jerry dumped a woman no one vowed to explain the error of his ways or die trying. They simply shook their heads and let it go. Sure, he was blinded by his bad judgment, but the only one who really lost was Jerry. I say if Alyssa wants to write off a guy simply because he’s good at a game that she holds in utter disdain, then let her.  We aren’t going to change her mind.  Let’s all take a step back, break out our favorite Magic decks and have some fun while she sits comfortably oblivious in her own little world.


5 Responses to “Magic the Gathering, Seinfeld and Dating”

  1. Homie Bear says:

    Yup, you're right. But more than being shallow and judgemental she also at least approaches the ballpark of libel by identifying him by name and alluding vaguely to how he "infiltrated" OKCupid. Well, as I type that I realize I'm overstating a bit. Still, I'd be angry if someone used my real name in an article like that, though it seemed to work out ok for Jon, since he came across pretty classy in all this.

  2. Yes, Jon really did handle things well. He wasn't nasty and he pretty much took it all in stride. Classy guy. She was a fool to dismiss him.

  3. Op-For says:

    In Seinfeld's defense, that woman's hands were off-putting. However, as a Geek in the dating scene, I can empathize with Jon. It seems that a lot of women out there are waiting for that sparkley vampire, or they liked Paul Rudd better at the beginning of 'I Love You Man.'

  4. Erin says:

    I think I fault her and Gizmodo for baiting all of us to read her article. Apparently Gizmodo/Gawker pays freelance writers by the "click" so the more people who read her article the more money she makes. I don't fault her for not wanting to date a guy for one reason or another, we all have our interests, I fault her more for the way the article was written. It was mean spirited and stupid and didn't make her look like a. a good person or b. a credible writer. Flaws in judgement I suppose lol

  5. @Erin Yes, it definitely could be baiting, which makes it tempting to say nothing, don't link to it, etc. But, I think although it may maker her some extra money, it's certainly doing nothing for her credibilty in the future. I also agree with you, that if she wasn't into Magic and his like for it out her off, that's one thing. But calling him out and being nasty, that's just wrong.

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