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Star Wars: The Old Republic, You’re My Only Hope

I have never been a fan of MMOs. It’s not that I hate them, nor do I harbor any ill will to those that play, but I just can’t seem to get drawn into one. My brother-in-law has been addicted to playing World of  Warcraft for years and I’m always amazed by how involved he is in the stories happening in that other world. He tells me all about his adventures with his guild and how he’s meeting up with everyone for one thing or another and that he must have access to his laptop at a certain time or the world will end. No, really, he is one devoted player.

During a big ice storm here one winter he lost power and his whole family ended up sleeping at our place for over a week. He packed up his wife and kids and all their necessities and navigated treacherous roads to find his way to our toasty warm home. As his wife unpacked clothes and sleeping bags and a few things she’d salvaged from their refrigerator, he unpacked his laptop, gaming headset, and the most ridiculous looking mouse I have ever seen, ever. It looked a bit like an armadillo but I’m told it made gameplay much better.

So, I get that MMOs are something people can truly become immersed in and fall in love with, but it just hasn’t happened for me. I’m a little jealous, truth be told, because although I understand how it all works I don’t feel connected to that world. I watch The Guild and get the jokes, but I always wish, just a little, that I had a crazy group of online friends that would wreak havoc on my world were I to meet them IRL. That’s “in real life”, see, I get the lingo even, but I have never found an MMO to call my own. There is one beacon of hope, however, and that beacon is Star Wars: The Old Republic

There is no doubt that Star Wars was my gateway into sci-fi. I saw the movie when I was all of seven years old, dressed up as Princes Leia that Halloween and had a room full of action figures by Christmas. I wanted to pilot a ship and blow up Death Stars, wield a lightsaber and have my very own R2 unit to keep my company. Not one of those things has changed since I’ve grown-up. Okay, the action figures are safely packed, and the Leia costume is too small, but that’s the only difference. If ever there was an MMO that could finally draw me in, finally make me want to immerse myself in another world, this would be the one.

I’ve seen it previewed at cons and heard rave reviews. I have gone so far as to preorder a copy (two actually so hubby and I both can play) and am now struggling with which of the many guilds forming already will be the one I choose to join. And although I’m fairly certain I want to be a good guy, the lure of the Dark Side is strong, and if they really do have cookies I may be a goner. I have pinned all my hopes on this game. I want to like it. I want to say “Yes, I play an MMO!” and I want that crazy group of online friends. 

The game doesn’t hit shelves until December 20th which is still over two months away, but the chatter and excitement from my friends is nearly deafening. I’ve bought into the idea of this game hook, line and sinker. But, if it fails me, if it doesn’t draw me in and turn me into a Jedi (or Sith) for at least a few hours at a time, you will hear my cry of disappointment the world over. Star Wars: The Old Republic, you really are my only hope.


7 Responses to “Star Wars: The Old Republic, You’re My Only Hope”

  1. The dark side may have cookies, but we over here on the light side have all the chocolate. Just saying. :o)

  2. Kevin Manion says:

    I'm totally there with you, I've ever played a MMO but think this may be the one. I haven't ordered yet but almost have a couple times. I'm not sure I can resist the Sith though.

  3. Hey – you sound a lot like me. I had a collection of beautifully built Star Wars spaceships. I have only one left (the rest is with the ex, thousands of miles away). You just got yourself a follower 🙂

  4. @SciFiTVFanGirl You do realize this is an imposible choice?!?!

    @Kevin It's the cookies, chocolate be darned, the Sith have cookies!

    @gretavanderrol Your ex has your spaceships? This is a horrible settlement 😉 And thanks for the follow!

  5. Jordan_S says:

    I really want to be excited for this game but I'm…tepid.

    First, I remember that horrible SOE offering, Star Wars Galaxies. It was just not good.

    Second, for me, the reason why fantasy MMOs always appeal is the Sword and Sorcery aspect. It makes sense to me that, if I'm armed with a sword and all the wandering XP is armed with swords that we will come to blows. Star Wars, for the most part, is a world of blasters. They need to come up with a way to have a meaningful encounter that doesn't end up feeling like Naked Gun with two people hiding behind garbage cans 5ft apart shooting at each other. (Without everybody just being Jedi or Sith, of course)

    I've been watching the dev vids and lurking on the forums but still, I've seen nothing that shows me they've found the key to my MMO wallet. I have hope, though.

  6. Ditto with Fan Girl.

    My boyfriend and I have never been drawn into an MMO. But he's a huge Bioware and KotOR fan, so maybe this will be it.

    It's the idea of hours spent on my laptop that puts me off….

  7. IGfanatic says:

    I have a good group of internet friends…Paladin-zebra, tmb,and ashran!

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