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Sci-Fi, Where Are You?

Mal and Kaylee at NYCC, Image: Nicole Wakelin

Several years ago we ditched cable because it seemed we were getting more reality shows than anything else and paying a ridiculous amount for the privilege. Instead we stream the shows we want to see and even paying by the episode for a few still puts us ahead of our old cable bill. Usually, we have more than enough to keep us busy, but this year, sadly, we have not found an “it” show. Worse, we don’t have a sci-fi show in our queue at all. What happened to sci-fi television?

I should be clear that I am talking spaceships and aliens and not just shows with an “out there” theme. I am a big fan of Fringe, but it does not involve space travel. There are no new planets or green-skinned aliens so it doesn’t count. Same with Terra Nova which, honestly, I am only half interested in to begin with because it’s just Jurassic Park revised. No space ships there, although that big thing they walked through to go back in time was a Stargate if ever there was one.

No, what I want is a Battlestar Galactica, a Firefly, a Star Trek. Heck, it doesn’t have to be remotely related to a franchise that already exists as long as it gets us off of planet Earth and on to planet-not-yet-discovered. What happened to those shows? Why have they forsaken us?

Perhaps it’s Sci Fi Channel becoming SyFy that started the downward trend. If even the network that is supposed to be the go-to place for science fiction decides it doesn’t want to be that anymore, then you know the genre is headed for trouble. At this point, I’d take reruns of Lost in Space like they used to air when the network was new. Those shiny, silver spacesuits were so cool. I wanted one. Okay, I still want one.

I suppose I will have to be content with the huge amount of older sci-fi that can be streamed. Re-watching Star Trek: The Next Generation has gotten my kids completely hooked which makes me happy. I also found a little gem in The Captains, a movie documentary that is a touching look at the people who brought the Star Trek captains to life, courtesy of William Shatner. And there are those Firefly DVDs that I haven’t broken out in awhile.

It looks like I’m out of luck this season and will have to resort to old favorites to get my fix of spaceships and aliens. Maybe next year the networks will remember there are plenty of viewers who love sci-fi and that we’d really like to have a new favorite show. So say we all!


10 Responses to “Sci-Fi, Where Are You?”

  1. John Knight says:

    Yep. I need more spaceships in my life. We've lost too many real ones as of late.

  2. It's like a double whammy. The shuttle program is gone and we can't even get some decent fake spaceships on TV.

  3. Felicitas says:

    Blood and Chrome is in post-production. That's something to hope for.

  4. Yes, I am anxious to see that one and hoping it makes it to the air and sticks around long enough to gain an audience.

  5. Kevin Manion says:

    It's not just limited to Sci Fi, there's almost nothing new and good on TVat all. But I'm with you in wishing there was a good space show so I'm left relying on video games to get my space fix.

  6. Dean says:

    You might want to check out Space: Above and Beyond. Another one of FOX's 'killed it too soon' shows.

  7. Space:Above and Beyond was another really good one that got axed. I wonder if that's out there to stream??

  8. ChaosMandy says:

    It is a little sad that there is a lack of good sci-fi shows right now.

    I am enjoying "Once Upon a Time" though that is fantasy.

  9. Shannon says:

    The problem is that the world is just so bleak these days that Sci Fi is a hard sell. Usually that genre is pretty uplifting in terms of adventure, exploration, and camaraderie. You'll find the same trend in publishing right now as well. It's swinging more towards Fantasy and Horror; books/movies/tv shows with more of an apocalyptic feel to them.

    BTW. I got here through NerdApproved. But yay for you cutting the cord! My husband and I have been doing that for a couple years. I write a blog about it:

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