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The GeekMoms Podcast #14 Star Wars, Hugo and 3D

I’m joined by GeekMom Mandy Horetski to talk movies, from The Avengers to The Hobbit and even the age old debate, is 3D worth the fuss? First there’s Hugo with Oscar nominations galore and then later this month Star Wars fans get The Phantom Menace in 3D. Should you jump at the chance to see them or save your money? Tune in and find out!

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Music: Rebecca Angel

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2 Responses to “The GeekMoms Podcast #14 Star Wars, Hugo and 3D”

  1. Angie says:

    My six year old son is so excited about the Star Wars in 3D he can't stand it. He hasn't seen a preview for Avengers yet (thank goodness), but I'm sure it will be a thing as well. So we will be seeing both of those, though the Hobbit will be a strictly mommy event.

    Love the podcast, been listening since episode 1.

    Oh yeah… Go Steelers! ::waves Terrible Towel::

  2. We decided we're going to take the kids to Star Wars, they don't know this yet, so it'll be a surprise! Mine don't know about Avengers either, but they watched the animated series and love the characters, so I know they'll be begging to see it the first time they catch a preview. So glad you're enjoying the podcast! (Whoo Hoo, Steelers!)

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