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Pinterest, I Hate You, Will You Marry Me?

I spend a lot of time “doing stuff” online. It could be writing a post or checking out twitter or seeing what everyone is up to on facebook. I’d like to think that most of my time online is productive. I’m a writer and that’s where I write stuff so I have to be on the internet a good portion of the day. And because I’m really into the social aspect of the internet, I must check every new thing that hits the scene. Like Pinterest.

I think the first time it appeared on my radar I completely ignored it because someone said it was for Moms. Yes, I am a Mom but there’s something lame about the idea that a place is just for Moms. It conjures images of diapers and breastfeeding and birthing stories and I am so not there in my life. But then reports of gazillions of people flocking to the site made me look.

One night, after doing my legitimate writerly work on the internet, I pulled up Pinterest. That particular evening what I saw were a bunch of complicated ways to pull back your hair, a bunch of fancy dresses, and a bunch of wreaths. It was bunches of stuff that were not very interesting. I decided to test the content, see if there really was something for everyone, by typing “Star Wars” into the search box. That’s when my head exploded.

There were bunches and bunches of Star Wars stuff and these were bunches of things that made my heart flutter. Cupcakes, cosplay, art, shirts, vintage toys, silly Photoshop images, production stills, knit hats and scarves, a baby in a Yoda outfit, it just didn’t stop! I had to play with this site.

I made a board. And then I made a few more. And then I started pinning stuff and liking stuff and finding other geeky folks that had tons of boards and pins because they clearly had taken a sip of this particular Kool-Aid way before I had dared. Before I knew it, the night had passed me by, my husband was sound asleep and it was way, way past my bedtime.

The next day I felt a bit like I’d been at a party, had one too many, and wondered what the heck I had done all night. I knew I had found lots of cool stuff. There were plenty of recipes I would never bake and crafts I would never try. It was all wonderful, but it had been a huge time sink and stolen an entire night in the blink of an eye. I hated it just a little. I ignored it for awhile.

And then I was bored, so, I went to check on things again and, just like the guy you know is bad news but is just so much fun, I spent a whole night happily browsing and pinning. I don’t know that I’m ever going to find anything that will actually improve my life on Pinterest, but dang it if it’s not fun to pass a little time (or a lot) looking at stuff.

Pinterest, I hate you and your addictive pictures of cool stuff. Will you marry me?


3 Responses to “Pinterest, I Hate You, Will You Marry Me?”

  1. weirdits says:

    So true. At first I thought it was all fashion and not my thing, then I discovered the geek boards and the book boards. Oh my. Pinterest is like a margarita: if I know I have work to do that day, I don't go near it. 😉

  2. Erin says:

    Pinterest makes it so hard for me to blog. Inevitably I start writing a post, then I search for an image to put in it. Then I end on Pinterest, and then I don't finish my blog post. So sad 🙁

  3. jaklumen says:

    I think the first time it appeared on my radar I completely ignored it because someone said it was for Moms.

    It's probably much more accurate to say that Pinterest is aimed at women. I haven't checked it out personally but a publishing friend of mine did, and that's what I gleaned from his tweets on his experience. From what he said, more specifically about some neurotic behavior from some users, I don't think I'll ever be interested any time soon.
    But just to clarify, blogging and Flickr has been about the extent of my social media experience. Everything else tends to get dropped, pushed to the back burner, or is used to promote what I do use.

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