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Fall TV Hopes: Revolution, Do No Harm and Arrow

Last year, about this time, I was looking forward to the debuts of Terra Nova, Falling Skies and Pan Am. I know that last one doesn’t quite fit in with the others, but I was on a Mad Men binge last summer and it seemed like a chance to get my fix of the era in between seasons. Pan Am made it all of 14 episodes, Terra Nova made it 11 and for reasons I can’t fathom, Falling Skies is still on the air. 

Looking at trailers for this year’s crop of new shows, I see a few that hold the potential for great promise, or great disappointment. Do No Harm is a modern day Jekyll and Hyde with Dr. Jason Cole struggling to keep his not-so-nice side under control. His body has become resistant to the serum he has taken for years and his alternate personality is wreaking havoc while it’s in control. A super smart doctor, the potential for horrendous side effects from a serum, and an alter ego with no morals definitely hold potential

Also on the list is Arrow, because it’s a superhero show based on The Green Arrow so how could I not watch this one? The trailer looks really good, with a very buff hero working out and perfecting his superhero physique in an abandoned factory. He then proves his worth by shooting at a bunch of tennis balls as they bounce across the room, neatly pinning them to the wall with his arrows. This one reminds me just a tad of The Cape, which was horrible, but seems considerably less cheesy so I have high hopes.

The show I’m most excited to see is Revolution. When all the world’s power suddenly goes out, our modern world ceases to exist and we’re left picking up the pieces. Fast forward 15 years and we still don’t know how it happened, or do we? There are warlords and conspiracies and lot’s of  kick-ass fighting. Maybe it’s the familiar yet not world, or the cowboy-esque look of things, or the snark, but I can’t wait to see this one. It’s either going to be phenomenally entertaining or a colossal train wreck and I’m really hoping for the former.

Summer is half over and these shows are now looming near on the horizon. If I’m lucky, then at least one of them will meet  my expectations and escape the axe. I’d love to hear which shows you guys can’t wait to see and someone, please, explain to me how Falling Skies is still on the air?


2 Responses to “Fall TV Hopes: Revolution, Do No Harm and Arrow

  1. Vaughn says:

    I figured Revolution would be crap, that is until I saw the sword fighting and heard it takes place some 15 years after the accident. But my original theory was that Falling Skies (season 1 anyhow) has the same setup + aliens and even with aliens was a bore. So if you take away all the excitement aliens should bring to the table there's no telling how boring Revolution could be. Again, it does sound like a better starting point to have characters acclimated to the situation and sword fighting.

  2. Natasha says:

    I am really looking forward to Arrow! Especially now that I've heard Deadshot will be in it. There was another series coming this Fall that I thought looked interesting about aliens living in a suburban neighborhood but the name is alluding me now. Anyways, it might be hokey but might be good!

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