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Nathan Fillion Plus Bacon Equals Win!

My inbox has been overflowing with useless email over the last few weeks. Even the useful ones turn into endless threads that have nothing to do with the topic in the subject line. Of course, there’s at least one person still responding to the actual topic and for that reason I’m forced to read through every single message. Every. One. So, I decided that Nathan Fillion and bacon would save me.

I started with a tweet about my displeasure over my email situation. I expected nothing in return because the whole point of tweeting stuff like that is that no one is going to do anything. It’s the internet equivalent of screaming into your pillow. Oh, come on, everyone’s done that once or twice.

Anyway, I screamed into the internet pillow and told it I was not looking at any more emails unless they had either Nathan Fillion or bacon in the subject line. I figured it could eliminate endless rambling threads about someone’s cat or baby. Any email that actually involved Nathan Fillion and/or bacon would be worth reading even if it did include cats and babies but I was hoping they’d be mutually exclusive. 
I thought nothing more of this tweet and wandered away from my laptop feeling considerably less frustrated only to come back to a slew of new emails. Sigh. I clicked on the tab and saw the most beautiful inbox ever. The first words in every subject line were Nathan Fillion followed by mention of bacon. Nathan Fillion loves bacon. Nathan Fillion likes bacon. Nathan Fillion making bacon. And one that was Nathan Fillion eating bacon and included the picture at the top of this post. 
It was an email miracle!
I looked through all of them and the messages behind each beautiful subject line and not one was about cats or babies. It was awesome. I know, this is short-lived, and tomorrow the cats and babies will return, but for one brief shining moment my world was all Nathan Fillion and bacon, and it was good.


One Response to “Nathan Fillion Plus Bacon Equals Win!”

  1. jaklumen says:

    Nicole, I, uh, I sense pheromones. Although I am not heterosexual, strictly speaking, I am not swayed very much by Nathan Fillion in this way.

    I cannot think of what would be a guy's counterpart. Summer Glau came to mind (I haven't seen Firefly OR Serenity, just T:SCC), but… no. I can't picture it working. She does not seem to jibe with bacon.

    That said I still have not tried the bacony edibles we discussed some time back. Lack of $$$. I need to figure out how to write blog posts about stuff like that for review purposes. Well… I do that sort of thing, but it's all independent music, not geeky food, hehe.

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