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Mexican Olympic Gymnast Is a Gamer And An Inspiration

Mexican gymnast Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas chose a beautiful medley of music from The Legend of Zelda for her floor routine. I’m sure that most of the audience and most of the world thought it was just a beautiful piece of music, but to gamers it was nothing short of amazing.

I wondered if she’d just happened upon the piece, chosen it because she liked, and had no idea that it was from a game. Turns out she not only knew, but that she’s a gamer. An Olympic gymnast who spends most of her life practicing in a gym found time to be a gamer on the side.
I can only imagine the time, dedication and sacrifice required to make it to the Olympics. It’s mind-boggling that she had even a moment for gaming. But what’s really great about this is what her choice of music does for the hobby.
Games are often written off as unimportant, trivial wastes of time. Their quality and worth as a pastime is forever in question. The fact that an Olympic athlete was inspired by games to chose the music from one as her accompaniment during her performance proves the reverse.  

Given how little free time this gymnast actually has, her choice to fill it with games shows that they have a place in everyone’s life. It also shows the world that gamers are more than the stereotype. They don’t sit in front of a television all day, oblivious to the outside world. They are not antisocial, coach potatoes.

For Elsa, games are a way to relax and enjoy time with her friends and family. They’re a way to be social, to step away from the rigors of training and have fun. She and her sister Laura have wonderful shared memories of the times they’ve spent together playing games.

If you have any doubt about the value of gaming, here’s a recent quote from Elsa to change your mind.

“I thought of Link running around through the forest, mountains, caves, and how agile he is, it was funny to think that I was doing something similar but in my own way,” Elsa said. “I liked what it reminded me of: the whole concept of never giving up on my quest.”


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  1. ysabelkid says:

    This was so great, even though I'm not a Zelda player I could appreciate it! Did you see the lovely article written by her sister?

  2. I love Zelda and this was way to cool!

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