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Luke Skywalker Will Always be My Favorite

Today is Mark Hamill’s 61st birthday so I figure it’s the perfect time to fess up that, although Han Solo is cool, Luke Skywalker is cooler. He is my favorite. I’ve had a crush on him for 35 years since he first whined about going to Tosche Station for those power converters.

I was all of seven years old when I first saw Star Wars at my local movie theater. It was the most amazing experience and I still have very clear memories of sitting with my Dad and watching Luke and Han rescue the princess and save the galaxy. I also vividly remember thinking that Luke Skywalker was the coolest most awesome person ever.

In retrospect he’s not that super cool in the first movie. He drinks blue milk, whines a bit, gets knocked for a loop by Sand People and shows an impressive lack of skill with a lightsaber. It’s only at the end when he blows up the Death Star that he becomes cool. Still, I loved that mysterious farm boy with a connection to The Force the first moment he walked on screen.

There’s no denying that he does get incredibly, awesomely cool as the movies progress. Instead of whiny farm boy in raggedy clothes he ends up Jedi Knight in a cool black outfit. He flips through the air wielding that lightsaber all with a no big deal attitude that made me swoon. Swoon, I tell you.

I briefly hated Princess Leia because she kissed Luke. I know, she was his sister, but I didn’t know that at the time and neither did he. At the time, all I knew was that Princess Cinnabuns was kissing my Jedi. That’s right, my Jedi, because I was going to grow up and marry him. That’s what a crush is all about, people!

It turns out I didn’t marry Mark Hamill or Luke Skywalker. My inner seven-year-old is not at all happy about this situation, but I have promised her that if I suddenly find myself transported into the alternate universe of Star Wars, then I will marry Luke.

In the meantime, despite my very happy and content life that does not involve saving the galaxy with my Jedi Knight husband, there is still a little place in my heart that will always belong to Mark Hamill. Happy birthday, Mark, and may the Force be with you!


3 Responses to “Luke Skywalker Will Always be My Favorite”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The scary bit is, if Mark's 61 that makes all of us who saw the movie first time around…..sort of, well, …..older than we'd like to think 🙁


  2. jaklumen says:

    At the time, all I knew was that Princess Cinnabuns was kissing my Jedi.

    That quote, right there, resulted in several good natured chuckles and guffaws. I mean, more the "Princess Cinnabuns" than the idea of a schoolgirl crush. Besides the "super hot" metal bikini, Leia's hairdo from the first movie really sticks in people's minds, doesn't it? Oh, that's right– Cinnamon Rolls are also called 'Sticky Buns'. Doh! The puns continue!

    Thanks for the laugh, Nicole. 🙂

    Thanks Nicole.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I looooove "Star Wars"…I love EVERYTHING "Star Wars", including the prequels, and am looking forward to the newer movies. I have to confess to having a HUUUUUUUGE crush on Luke, Han and Lando. I also looooove Ewan McGregor as the young Obi Wan and Hayden Christensen as young Anakin. I may even have a little girl crush on Leia and Amidala.

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