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An Ode To Firefly

It’s been ten years since Firefly first aired and was unceremoniously axed by network executives who knew best what we wanted to watch. We did not want to watch a story about cowboys in space. We did not want to watch the swagger of Captain Reynolds. We did not want to see the Serenity fly across our screens nor did we want to see one more second of Jayne and his hat. It’s ten years later and we all know they got that pretty much completely wrong.

The thing is, when Firefly first hit the airwaves I wasn’t that excited to see the show. It looked, interesting, intriguing even, but I didn’t think I’d fall in love with it in one episode. Ah, here’s the part where I was wrong because I loved it within minutes. Minutes.

Despite its quick cancellation, I wasn’t the only one who fell in love. It wasn’t a surprise when all my sci-fi loving friends joined me, but it was a surprise when their husbands and wives who didn’t like sci-fi at all liked it, too.

Never before, or since, has a genre show managed to capture the hearts and minds of such a diverse group. We all sat down in our living rooms to watch this one. It didn’t matter if you knew how to speak Klingon and could recite the Jedi Creed or if you didn’t even know what Klingon and Jedi were, this show had you hooked. Why?

People have been trying to answer that question for the last ten years and it’s a complicated answer because there isn’t one thing that made the show resonate so deeply with so many very different people. It was well-written, different, funny, sarcastic, frightening and just a damn fun ride. Yet, it was cancelled and we were all left with a little hole in our hearts.

The show is arguably bigger now than it was when it aired. Nathan Fillion (Captain Malcolm Reynolds) has reached the level of Geek God with his many fans, me included. If you follow the man on twitter, you’ll find that he’s just as surprised and happy and giddy about how much fans liked the show as the fans themselves are about him.

Star Trek originally aired for three seasons back in the 1960’s before it was cancelled. I watched reruns as a kid with my Dad who loved Star Trek. He loved it the way Browncoats love Firefly and he never really let it go even though it was cancelled, never to return. But it did. It did in a big way.

It took thirty years for the franchise to make it back onto our televisions and for every one of those years fans kept saying, bring it back, we loved it, bring it back. As we hit the ten year anniversary of Firefly, I hope everyone remembers it’s been “just” ten years. Don’t give up. Make sure you never stop saying bring it back. We love it. Bring it back…


2 Responses to “An Ode To Firefly”

  1. il Cattivo says:

    I finally watched Firefly for the first time in this last month. I am about 50/50 with Wheedon's work anyway (LOVE Buffy, can leave Angel, Dollhouse etc.) so wasn't sure what to expect.

    To be honest, I felt it very flat. The 1st 8 episodes (before Out of Gas) felt like a repeat of each other. Nothing major happened to anyone really. The Alliance stayed as "generic bad space men" until the very end.

    I think that maybe in a post-Galactica world it just felt a bit…shallow. It is a shame it was cancelled as it obviously was going to improve but there you go.

    Also I feel the Chinese/American future mix is handled much better in Blade Runner, less pilgrims swearing in Chinese for no reason! 🙂

    I realise I may get torn apart for this post!

  2. No, no, no, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Your opinion is completely wrong, but you're still entitled to it 😉 It's okay that you don't like it, really, if we all liked exactly the same things the world would be a very boring place!

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