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“Arrow” Is Parkour Superhero Fun From Start To Finish

Each new Fall television season I hope beyond hope that a show will grab my attention and demand I watch without fail every week. Just one. Even though there are usually at least a half dozen that look like they will be amazing, I know that’s asking too much and most of them won’t meet my expectations. Last night I watched the first episode of Arrow and I am so happy to have found my one.

Arrow was high on my list, but after the abysmal disappointment of Revolution I was feeling like I had chosen so poorly that there was no hope. So, as I sat down last night to watch, I was prepared to be disappointed. (Spoilers folks, don’t read yet if you don’t want to know.)
The shows starts off with our hero, Ollie Queen, being rescued from a cold, dreary island. He runs through the forest leaping from branches like he’s Parkour Tarzan and fires an arrow from way up on a cliff into a pile of branches that bursts into flame and signals a passing ship. Cool.
Back in the real world he’s Richie Rich, but now he has a mission and some serious abs from all that Parkour Tarzan business. I loved watching him set up his base of operations in an empty warehouse and then shoot his newly made arrows into bouncing tennis balls, spearing them into the wall.
There’s also a cop who’s played by Paul Blackthorne, otherwise known as Harry Dresden in the short-lived series based on my favorite wizard detective. He is fantastically scruffy and snarky and angry and I love, love, love seeing him again.
The best part of Arrow is watching the action. Is it believable? Nope. Is it over the top? Yup. Is it so ridiculously fun to watch him pull off the impossible with nothing but a bow and arrows that I don’t care?  Holly heck, yes.
 The Arrow delivers the perfect combination of story and action. In just one episode we’ve learned a bit about him, his family and friends, the enemies he created in his playboy past, and the ones he’s creating in his new vigilante hero role.
Yet there’s still a lot that hasn’t quite been explained, leaving me wanting more. He’s become Parkour Batman, leaping through the streets, making the bad guys accountable, and that makes Arrow my favorite new show.

4 Responses to ““Arrow” Is Parkour Superhero Fun From Start To Finish”

  1. Thanks for the spoiler alert. It airs here in the UK on the 22nd of October. I'm looking forward to it. So I'll come back and read your thoughts after I've watched it! 🙂

  2. You're welcome! I'd love to hear what you think once it airs in the UK.

  3. Right I promised I'd come back after I'd seen the first show, which I now have. My thoughts…

    I enjoyed it. I don't really want my superheroes too believable otherwise they end up as vigilantes in spandex. Amusing in it's own way, but I prefer my heroes to be well, super!

    I thought the first episode got the balance between action and introduction about right too. It'll be interesting to see how long they can spin the premise out for, but they're helped I guess by the characters they've created. Yeah they're 2D, but if handled properly you'll want to see where their relationships go. I'll definitely be noting it in my diary.

  4. sabes que tipo de arco usa arrow…???? 😀

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