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Oreos, What Have You Done?

I think it’s a pretty well-accepted fact that geeks have a weakness for all things collectible. If there’s a limited edition, limited run, numbered thing out there, then most geeks will do just about anything to make it their own. I admit to being one of those who is sucked right in by the specialness of limited editions, and now Oreo is on to my obsession with their limited edition flavors.

There are already a bunch of different kinds of Oreos out there, all of which I have tried, and I have my favorites. Each time a new variety arrives on the shelves of my local supermarket I am sure to buy a bag that I break open in the car on the way home. Okay, I may break them open while I’m still loading groceries into the trunk. Whatever.

Before Halloween, through the wonder of the internet, I discovered there was a special limited edition flavor called Candy Corn. My reaction was both “Ew.” and “OMG, I need these!” so I immediately made plans to find these the next day at my local Target. They were out.

I drove to another Target on the other side of town. They were out. I pulled out my phone and sat in my car calling all the Targets within a driveable distance and they were all out. I had missed my opportunity and it was like watching the last of a limited comic-con exclusive figure sell to the guy right in front of you. Nooooooo!

I was still trying to get over my disappointment when news of Christmas Oreos arrived. My friend Heather found Peppermint Oreos and actually texted me to ask if I wanted a bag. I typed (and screamed) “Yes!” at my phone and the Oreos were purchased. They are still making their way to me through a chain of transfers from friend to friend until, any day now, they should be here and I will eat them all.

There are also Gingerbread Oreos which I found and purchased in obscenely large quantities. They are delicious and if I’m very careful in my rationing they’ll run out just about the time some amazing spring flavor arrives. No, I don’t know what the next flavor will be, but surely there will be one. They won’t leave me hanging. Right? Right!?


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  1. jason brown says:

    the gingerbread oreos are amazing

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