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“Grimm” Turns Out To Be My New Favorite

I started watching Grimm when it debuted last year and thought it was just okay. There wasn’t anything horribly wrong with it, but it felt like Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a twist. I really liked Buffy, but the premise was so close that I couldn’t help comparing the two and Buffy always won. I watched a few episodes, decided it wasn’t worth my time, and moved on. Until now.

Over the summer, when there was absolutely nothing to watch on television, my brother-in-law started raving about Grimm. He said it had gotten better and that it was one of his favorite shows. He told me a lot about what was happening in the Grimm-verse and it got my attention. Since there was nothing else to watch, I figured I’d give it a go.

It’s not often that, once I’ve stopped watching a show, I return to it later. Even if it’s something I’ve watched for several seasons, once a show loses its luster, I’m usually done for good. This happened with Fringe. Man, I loved that show and watched it religiously, but something went wrong and I stopped watching and have no idea how it’s going to end. And that’s okay.

To say I was skeptical when I started back in on Grimm is an understatement.  I re-watched the first few episodes, which I’d found unimpressive the first time, and then came the new stuff. It was the same thing, at first, but then the story got bigger. I started to like Nick and his partner, poor Hank. Talk about being thrown into the deep end.

I liked that Nick started to act like a Grimm, fighting like he knew what he was doing and kicking butt. He started standing up to the beasties and he started making me really root for him to win. The character that I must fell for, though, was Monroe.

He really just wants to go about his existence in relative peace and quiet, but thanks to Nick, that ain’t gonna happen. And because he’s a good guy, a genuinely good guy, he’s constantly finding himself forced to step into dangerous situations and help save the day. Sometimes single-handedly. I just adore him.

And as the characters have drawn me in, so has the universe which is always expanding into an increasingly complex web of connections. It’s got good guys, bad guys, and some in the middle who you can never really be sure of, and that’s wonderful.

Good job, Grimm. I wrote you off, but I was wrong. You’re the little show the could and I am along for the ride, so please keep making it a good one.


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  1. I'm a big fan of Grimm. My wife and I watch it on Hulu, the day after the show airs. Season 1, we usually watched with Once upon a time and she's not really committed either way on loving one or the other, but I really enjoy Grimm. Monroe's my favorite character, and only partly due to being a fan of the actor.
    I didn't realize how much I really like the show, however, until my wife pointed out a couple weeks ago that its the only show we watch where I don't pick up my phone or tablet ever during an episode. Season 2 is great!

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