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You Got Your Peanut Butter In My Chocolate: J.J. Abrams And Star Wars

I have loved, loved, loved Star Wars since I was a little girl and the very first movie hit theaters. The real first one, before there were trilogies to figure out and questions about the correct order and special editions and 3D. I wanted to be Princess Leia. Now, I just want the franchise to shake the funk of the Emo-Anakin years and come out of the gate swinging, and I think that’s exactly what’s happened over the last week.

The big news, the news so big that things actually exploded in a galaxy far, far away, was that J.J. Abrams is going to be directing the next movie. It was a bit surprising since he’d publicly stated that he had been approached and said no, but it was a welcome surprise for most fans.

If you think about what he did with Star Trek, excessive use of lens flares aside, it was amazing. He took some of the most iconic characters in science fiction in one of the most loved franchises in science fiction and gave them a much need makeover.

His Star Trek was very much his Star Trek. It did not feel like the shows or like the other movies, but wholly different. Yet he still captured Kirk and Spock and McCoy perfectly. The actors were different. The ship was different. It was all different yet the same and it worked.

And now he has Star Wars.

I may have squealed in delight as the news took over my twitter feed. There are lots of amazing directors out there and I’m sure they all could have done a wonderful job, but this movie is perfect for Abrams.

In Star Wars, he’s got characters that fans adore in a universe that they treasure. If he brought back Han, Leia and Luke in some capacity it would be incredible and it would likely be done right. Look how he “brought back” the cast of Star Trek. Sure, different actors but he kept the essence of what made those characters the people we loved and that is what’s important.

He made myriad changes to the ship, setting, universe and tone of the film but never lost sight of what it was that made it a universe that we all wanted to visit again and again. My hope is that he’ll be able to do the same thing for Star Wars and that the next film will make Jar-Jar but a distant memory.


4 Responses to “You Got Your Peanut Butter In My Chocolate: J.J. Abrams And Star Wars”

  1. Jabbott says:

    I actually hope he doesn't bring back Han, Leia or Luke. I really want to see the new movies just jump way out in the future of the universe and do something new and awesome that feels like Star Wars still, but doesn't have any of the baggage (both good and bad) of the previous continuity.

  2. Tordan69 says:

    "… will make Jar-Jar but a distant memory."
    That´s key. I so hope SW will be for adults á la the latest Batman-series. It doesn´t have to be dark as long as it´s not cartoonish.

  3. jaklumen says:

    I'm not so sure.

    I had mixed feelings about the Star Trek reboot. I had to respect it, somewhat– while Leonard Nimoy said no to Generations, he said yes to this one. I was impressed by the casting choices, generally… but how do I say this tactfully and discreetly? I didn't buy Spock having an apparent relationship with Uhura. My reasons I'll save for another time. Some things worked, some didn't, for me.

    But I did watch a recent Nimoy interview; when he said "The Motion Picture" had a Kubrick (i.e. 2001) influence, well, while he said that detracted from it "being a Star Trek" movie, I acknowledge that fresh perspectives can be helpful.

    I also recall reading that David Lynch had been considered by Lucas for Return of the Jedi. So maybe J.J. will give Star Wars the fresh slate it needs. Still, though, I'm a fan of models, not CGI, and his rendering of the Enterprise does not give me hope.

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